The QorIQ T1023 Reference Design Board

The QorIQ T1023 Reference Design Board

High quality the qoriq t1023 reference design board made in China from professional FR4 PCBA manufacturers and suppliers in China. Feel free to check quotation with our factory.

Product Details

High quality the qoriq t1023 reference design board 

Rail/Function Part Number General Description of Part
1.0V : Core 
3.3V : System Power 
3.3V : PHY, PCIE
LT8612 42V, 6A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with 3µA Quiescent Current
1.0V : S1VDD 
1.2V : TVDD 
2.1V : PHY
LT3021 500mA, Low Voltage, Very Low Dropout Linear Regulator
0.85V : PHY LTC3605A 20V, 5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
 5V : USB LTC3600 15V, 1.5A Synchronous Rail-to-Rail Single Resistor Step-Down Regulator 

Factory Price Contract Manufacturing Service Multi-Layer OEM PCB Layout PCB Board 
1. Years' professional design, production, sale;
2. High quality and low price;

3. Reassuring pre-sale and after sale service;

4. Free ODM design if bulk manufacturing

PCB/PCBA Description:
1. Singlesided PCB, double side PCB & multilayer PCB with competitive price, good quality and excellent service.
2. FR-4, FR-4 High TG, CEM-1, CEM-3, Aluminum base material.
3. HAL, HAL lead free, Immersion Gold/ Silver/Tin, OSP surface treatment.
4. Printed Circuit Boards are 94V0 compliant, and adhere to IPC610 Class 2 international PCB standard.
5. Quantities range from prototype to medium and batch production.

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