Basic Technocal Requirements For FR4 PCBA Panel Design

Basic Technocal Requirements For FR4 PCBA Panel Design

Shenzhen Found Printed circuit Board co.,Ltd,established in 2010, has been playingleading role as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of highprecision PCBs in the past decades. With the ongoing investment in research, equipment and updating system of management, we have enjoyed a sound reputation in the field of PCB, and stand out in today’s market with fierce competition. Located in Shenzhen, our company has about 200 staff and a PCB workshop with about 8000 square meters. Our products are mostly used in the field of LED Linghting, and have good performance in all kind of functional test. Our perfect management, advanced equipments, and professional staffs are the keys for us to fight to win more market shares with other competitors. Customer‘s satisfaction and support are what we have been strived for. Now we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS and UL certificates. With constant hard work of our staff and ongoing support from customers both home and abroad, we can provide up to 24 layer, 6oz copper, High TG, AL-base to our customers with fast turn and high quality level.

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The stack up of Aluminum PCB VS.FR-4 PCB

We have compared the price and performance, this part we will discuss about construct or stack up of Aluminum PCB.
Aluminum PCB have three layer stack up.And FR-4 stacks up depend on each application, it can have 1, 2, 3 or even more later.In three layer stack up of Aluminum PCB, the dielectric layer is most different from FR-4 PCB. Aluminum PCB has high heat management most reason is it have dielectric layer.


1.Printed circuit board base material basically has two types: organic substrate materials and inorganic substrate material. The most often used is organic substrate material.

2.Different layers PCB also use different base material such as 3 ~ 4 layer board with prefabricated composite material, double panel for the most part to use glass - epoxy resin material. Utilizing electronics assembly process, a greater degree of printed circuit boards bends when heated due to temperature increase, therefore, in the SMT requirement as far as possible use small bending degree of plank, types of substrates such as FR – 4 base material. Because of substrate after heat stress on the impact of component which will cause the electrode and reduce the reliability, when select base material should also pay attention to material expansion coefficient, especially when the component is greater than 3.2 x 3.2 mm.

3.Surface mount technology requires PCB base material with high thermal conductivity, excellent heat resistance (150 ℃, 60 min) and weldability (260 ℃, 10 s), high (more than 1.5 x 104 pa) copper foil adhesive strength and bending strength (25 x 104 pa), high conductivity and dielectric constant, good cutting precision (+ / - 0.02 mm) and the compatibility with cleaner, additional requirements appearance smooth level off, not warp, crack, scars and rusty spot, etc.

4.Printed circuit board base material normal thickness is 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm (1.8 mm), 2.7 mm (3.0 mm), 3.2 mm, 4.0 mm and 6.4 mm.  0.7 mm and 1.5 mm thickness of the PCB is used in the design of double panel with gold finger, 1.8 mm and 3.0 mm for non-standard sizes.Printed circuit board size in terms of production, minimum veneer should not be less than 250 x 200 mm, generally the ideal size for (250 ~ 350 mm) x (200 x 250 mm), for the long side is less than 125 mm or edge is less than 100 mm wide PCB, easy to use makeup.


Basic Technocal Requirements For FR4 PCBA Panel Design1Basic Technocal Requirements For FR4 PCBA Panel Design2Basic Technocal Requirements For FR4 PCBA Panel Design3



Delivery Time for  PCB board:
1)  PCB production time:  sample:  3-4 days /  mass production: within 7 days 
2)  Component purchase: 2  days if all components is available in our domestic market. 
3)  PCB Assembly:  samples: whthin 2 days /  mass production: within 5 days  
Shipping Method and Payment terms:

1.                              By DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT using clients account.
2. We suggest you using our DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT forwarder.
3. By EMS (Usually for Russia Clients), price is high.
4. By sea for mass quantity according to customer's requirement.
5. By customer's Forwarder
6.By Paypal,T/T,West Union,etc.


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