Zhuhai Founder PCB F7 New Plant Is Under Construction

- Oct 17, 2018-

Sun yukai, President of founder PCB of founder technology, a listed company of founder information industry group, told scidev.net that the overall LAYOUT of F7 factory LAYOUT has been confirmed, and some parts are still under continuous lean optimization.The main plant has completed the construction procedures on August 10, and obtained the construction permit for the construction project;For the civil engineering part, 100% has been completed in the piling stage at present. It is expected to be capped in January 2019, mechanical and electrical installation will start in April 2019, equipment installation and

commissioning will be carried out from September to November 2019, and trial production is expected in December 2019.

The equipment evaluation part is proceeding according to the plan.Intelligent logistics, warehousing and intelligent system software are also being designed, evaluated and implemented.