Xi 'an 40 Billion Yuan Investment Flexible Semiconductor Service Manufacturing Base Landed And Started

- Oct 19, 2018-

On October 16, the project of shaanxi kuntong flexible semiconductor service manufacturing base was launched in fengxi new town, xixian new district, shaanxi province, with a total investment of 40 billion yuan. It is expected to start production in the fourth quarter of 2020 and officially start mass production in the third quarter of 2021.

It is understood that the project is China's first focus on the flexible semiconductor and new display technology development and manufacture of high-end enterprise of the project, including world-class flexible semiconductor and display technology research and development centers, powerful and complete certification flexible semiconductor and display industry chain, large scale of production capacity of 30 k/month base board, the sixth generation of whole flexible AMOLED demonstration production line, mainly including array (array), AMOLED evaporation (EL), flexible module three working procedure, the base plate size is 1500 mm * 1850 mm, and products are mainly small and medium size flexible AMOLED display module.

As a major science and technology industries in shaanxi province project, the project land area of about 2000 mu, clean workshop area of about 550000 ㎡, it is the biggest purification plant in shaanxi province, China.

West salty new district is a big strategic emerging industries highlands in xian, introduced in September this year the way west salty new innovation city development action plan (2018-2020) ", which points out that "to strengthen and violet light, huawei, lenovo, zte and other electronic information industry leading enterprises, development of integrated circuit, photoelectric display, intelligent terminal, network communications, software and service outsourcing, etc., make electronic information technology industry cluster".

The construction of the project of shaanxi kuntong semiconductor service and manufacturing base will further enrich the industrial composition of xixian new area and promote the development of its optoelectronic display and other industries.

"Recently, we successfully recruited a flexible semiconductor project, which started in early November and will be put into production 31 months later. The output value of the semiconductor industry is expected to reach 50 billion yuan in about three years," said liu yubin, a member of the party committee of xixian new area and secretary of the party committee and director of the administration committee of fengxi new area, according to a September report from xi 'an.

Flexible semiconductor project schematic diagram

Therefore, it can be judged that the project of shaanxi kuntong flexible semiconductor service manufacturing base, which was launched and landed today, should be the flexible semiconductor project that liu yubin disclosed.From the start time, the project progress is a little ahead of schedule.