What Is The Value Of PCB Smart Manufacturing?

- Nov 03, 2018-

Whether it is Germany's industry 4.0, America's industrial Internet, or China's intelligent manufacturing 2025, its core is intelligent manufacturing. Why are all countries in the world rushing to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry into intelligent manufacturing?There is no doubt that intelligent manufacturing can really bring value to the production enterprise, so as to enhance the comprehensive national strength of a country. The faster speed of a country means the faster economic growth of that country.


What value does intelligent manufacturing bring to PCB enterprises?Rockwell automation (China) co., LTD. Marketing Department manager Li Zhongjie said the Internet of things in the smart play a key role in the value chain of manufacturing, the use of the Internet of things technology can be collected manufacturing factory control parts, production parts and automatic production line of a line of data information, make the factory managers can make more intelligent decisions according to the data information, thus forming a hot concept wisdom factory, intelligent manufacture and so on.


Of course, in this process, industrial machine technology and the upper layer of industrial software technology also contributed.In addition, the Internet of things through with the Internet, can connect to the manufacturing enterprise of the factory at the same time, supply chain and demand chain management or operators can at any time according to the external environment of the changing market demand, timely adjust the factory's production plan, realize flexible manufacturing, eventually improve response ability and the plant production efficiency, shorten the product whole life cycle, improve the utilization rate of assets and resources waste and reduce the risk and this is the value of intelligent manufacturing.


Li zhongjie emphasized that flexible manufacturing not only allows the workshop to switch the production action of different types of products at any time, but also enables the production process to be arranged from top to bottom according to customer orders. At present, such flexible production has been implemented in some manufacturing enterprises such as automobile production and electronic production lines.