What Can Flexible Electronics Be Commercialized Into?

- Nov 17, 2018-

Two years after its inception, the NextFlex consortium, an innovative research and development agency, has recently begun to bring flexible electronics to commercial use.NextFlex, a joint effort between the department of defense (DoD) and the FlexTech Alliance, raised about $165 million in public and private funding to promote technologies that combine flexible substrates, printed circuits and thin-silicon crystals.

This year, the NextFlex research and development center installed production systems in its 15,000 square feet facility to begin prototyping and engineering the product.It includes three small laboratories and areas for 3D printing, assembly and testing.

NextFlex held an exhibition of its inventions last week at its silicon valley research and development center, showcasing the latest achievements in flexible electronics from the fields of information, energy, medical and national applications.The research centre is currently working on 28 existing defence contracts and the ability to define the transfer of technology to commercial manufacturers such as Flex and Jabil(its partners).Exhibitors and attendees include academic, business and defense department laboratories.

Tool vendors such as Cadence and Mentor Graphics are involved in several projects.In addition, Hewlett Packard Enterprise;HPE) also developed a practical flexible circuit suite for process developers.In the coming year, NextFlex hopes to build a library of key materials for its roughly 80 member companies.