What Are The Development Opportunities For LED Screen Industry

- Aug 04, 2018-

However, in recent years, the LED display industry has undergone great changes and the industrial concentration has been further enhanced.At the same time, the trend of vertical integration of industry chain becomes more and more obvious, especially from bottom to top.Among them, it has to be mentioned that the sharp rise in raw materials has led to supply shortage of supply chain, which has become a hot topic in the industry.For the supply chain, the "storm" has also caused a lot of PCB manufacturers and downstream application enterprises "vitality hurt".

The price of PCB board and other raw materials is obviously increased or transformed or upgraded
In the past 2017, there will be many unforgettable experiences for LED display manufacturers.At the beginning of July, shandong jinbao, jiantao, mingkang, weilibang, jin 'an guoji and other companies issued copper foil, copper clad plate price increase notice.The price increase is 1000-2000 yuan per ton for copper foil, 10 yuan per sheet for cardboard, 5 yuan per sheet for insulated glass fiber CCL and 5 yuan per sheet for sheet material.Subsequently, a number of PCB enterprises, such as fujian mulinsen lighting co., LTD., dongcheng hongye co., LTD., Morgan electronics co., LTD., haile electronics co., LTD., issued the price increase notice for circuit boards, which increased by nearly 10% of the same price.In late August, upstream PCB board manufacturers once again raised their prices collectively. The raw material market is in a "hot water" situation.

In fact, "raw material price hikes" are almost a word of the year throughout 2017, but when it comes to the topic in front of industry insiders, the industry's "resentment" is almost endless.In addition, when several leading enterprises in the LED display industry did not issue price increase notice after the price increase of PCB boards, some small and medium-sized display manufacturers said they could not hold up and raised prices in succession.Because the profit space of terminal display screen is small, and big enterprises are waiting for its change, small and medium-sized enterprises almost lose the right to negotiate price completely."Adversity leads to prosperity, while adversity leads to prosperity". Perhaps, it is such an opportunity that PCB industry reshuffle and upgrading are coming.




Industry integration speeds up the PCB industry "large-scale concentration" situation
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standard and consumption level, end consumers pay more attention to the user experience and high-tech content of electronic products, and the upgrading of electronic products is accelerated.Major PCB manufacturers around the world have experienced a new round of expansion in revenue.Moreover, according to authoritative statistics, the market share of the world's top five PCB manufacturers has increased from 10.80% in 2006 to 21.84% in 2016.It can be seen that the trend of "large-scale and centralized" in PCB industry enterprises is gradually emerging.Such a phenomenon is not groundless, but mainly influenced by two factors: on the one hand, due to the particularity of the development of the PCB industry, there is a large capital demand and relatively high technical requirements.In addition, it is also affected by the characteristics of fierce competition in the industry.On the other hand, it is also affected by the accelerated upgrading of downstream terminal products and increasing brand concentration.

However, under the situation of "large-scale and centralized" in PCB industry, the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises in PCB industry also faces unprecedented challenges.Small and medium-sized enterprises will have a weak position in such competition, and even lead to the widening gap between them and large PCB manufacturers.Among them, only by accumulating competitive advantages, expanding operation scale, building high industry threshold and increasing profitability of large PCB manufacturers can they occupy a leading position in the competition day by day and present a situation of "large-scale and centralized" in the industry day by day.It is worth mentioning that small and medium-sized enterprises in the PCB industry need clear positioning and development direction for their future development.
Emerging demand highlights PCB industry will usher in new growth points

In addition, in the downstream application fields, communication electronics, consumer electronics and computer have become the three major application fields of PCB.And, as a new technology, new material and new design of sustainable development and rapid transformation, the required PCB manufacturer must have a strong capital and technology research and development strength, at the same time needs to have the ability of mass production and supply chain management, solid manufacturers strength superposition, with excellent products sell like hot cakes in downstream of the PCB industry, the increasing degree of brand concentration.Therefore, it is not hard to see that in the future 2018, with the emerging demand and diversified development in the downstream areas of automotive electronics, LED industry, wearable devices, industrial control, medical devices and other fields, PCB industry may see a new growth point in 2018.

In line with this, PCB manufacturers with leading product design and r&d strength in the industry need to have excellent mass supply capacity and good product quality assurance to keep up with the increasing orders year by year.At the same time, it can also meet the severe requirements of large brand customers on supplier technology r&d, quality control and mass timely supply.Otherwise, it is very likely to be eliminated in the fierce and cruel competition.Only when the future development plan of the enterprise is clearly defined, can it not be defeated in the flood of market, and then change the development strategy of the enterprise and get through the competition "torrent" smoothly.