Wang Jian Er Master Sharp Small And Medium Size Panel

- Nov 03, 2018-

Hon hai's touch panel factory, gis-ky, reported a combined revenue of 8.867 billion yuan in November, down 21.16 percent from October and down 36.96 percent from a year earlier.The board of directors yesterday approved the purchase of the company's Treasury shares from July 7, with the expected purchase price falling between 63 and 136 yuan, and the purchase of 500,000 shares with the upper limit of about 8.268 billion yuan. 

According to the personnel layout of the group, yecheng also announced the internal position adjustment, the executive deputy general manager wang jian2 to discharge the post of spokesman, and the finance minister shi tongfu to take over the task of the spokesman.Apart from hon hai's support, the unique MegaSite operation mode strengthens the vertical integration to the LCD panel terminal, making it a small number of touch panel factories that maintain steady profits, and deepening the partnership with apple's panel business. 

In the past, one of the main leaders of MegaSite operation mode was wang jian2, and he led the technical and business cooperation with sharp. Therefore, after sharp was incorporated into hon hai group, wang jian2 gradually shifted its focus to sharp. 

The company announced November consolidated revenue of 8.867 billion yuan, down 21.16 percent from October and down 36.96 percent from the same period last year, mainly because the peak of apple's iPhone 7 shipments has passed and orders have been revised.The company estimated that orders for the iPhone 7 were relatively stable this year, with the shipment holding steady in December. In the fourth quarter, the revenue was over 27 billion yuan and the quarterly growth rate was 30-40%.The cumulative revenue in the first 11 months of this year was $69.854 billion, down 16.94 percent year on year. Although the annual revenue was lower than last year, the profit is expected to maintain growth.