Upstream Cost To Promote The Surging PCB Plate Enterprise Operating Pressure Surge

- Nov 17, 2018-

Due to upstream cost push, so far, the PCB board or is close to 50%, the many to recovery from the crisis of the PCB manufacturer capable of "comeback", a lot of PCB manufacturers said that the current facing the huge pressure, make enterprise operating pressure surge, some small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) have just alive. 

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From the beginning of 2010, PCB plate prices began to rise crazily. In January, as South Asia plastics, the world's second largest copper clad plate producer, increased the price of copper clad plate in mainland China by 10%, tai-optronics and tai-yao raised the price. 

The rise in plate prices is mainly driven by upstream costs. London copper prices started to rise rapidly from July 2009. In the third quarter, the average price increased by 25% month-on-month, and in the fourth quarter, the average price increased by 30%.In addition, the current high oil price is also a very important reason for the sustained high price of sheet, because the raw materials of sheet and resin are oil derivatives. 

And this plate dare to raise prices substantially, mainly downstream PCB demand is strong.The production rate of domestic PCB plants is almost full, and the production rate of Taiwan PCB plants is also above 90%.Only bitter PCB manufacturers, other than waiting for market demand to slow down, prices will fall, there is no other way.