Upstream And Downstream Of The Copper Clad Plate Lift The Second Wave Of Rising Prices

- Sep 22, 2018-

According to financial information, jiangsu nordchem raised the price of its fr-4 series and cem-3 series copper-clad substrates and semi-solidified sheet series by 5% from March 31.Each fr-4 / cem-3 board of jiangxi hangyu new materials co., LTD will be raised by 5 yuan.The price of fr-4 panels and aluminum substrates in shandong jinbao co., ltd. has been increased by 6 yuan each since 29.In addition, zhejiang yuanji new materials technology co., ltd. has issued price increase liaison letters.

The industry said that demand for 5G, automotive and other sectors grew rapidly, while the PCB plant downstream of copper clad plate has seen a strong increase in orders since June, and the industry has gradually entered the peak season cycle, leading to an increase in copper clad plate demand.

The price of copper foil, glass fiber cloth, resin and other chemical raw materials has risen sharply recently, resulting in higher production costs.In the future, new demand growth of downstream PCB will continue as the price of upstream raw materials remains firm, which is expected to further drive the copper clad industry to continuously higher prices.

Related companies: huazhen new materials, high-end copper clad plate production, capacity utilization rate is gradually released;Jin anguoji, one of the leading copper clad laminates, is building a production line of 2.4 million copper clad laminates annually.May will benefit again in the second wave of price rises.