Unprecedented Scale Of Environmental Monitoring Attacks!Electroplating, Circuit Board And Other Enterprises Key Attention

- Aug 28, 2018-

On June 7, the ministry of ecological environment issued the "enhanced supervision scheme for key areas in the fight against blue sky in 2018-2019".According to the "supervision scheme", the second round of environmental supervision will start intensive supervision on August 20.

Recently, guangdong environmental protection department issued the 2018 work plan of water pollution prevention and control in guangdong province.According to the plan, environmental protection departments in the pearl river delta region will jointly carry out the following remediation:

1. The petrochemical, chemical raw material pharmaceutical manufacturing, printing and dyeing projects within one kilometer of the main trunk stream of dongjiang river, xijiang river, beijiang river, hanjiang river and the main tributaries shall be proposed by the municipal government at or above the prefecture level for classification treatment and made public to the society;

2. Green production of enterprises in heavy pollution industry, accelerating the withdrawal of backward production capacity in water-related heavy pollution industry;

3. Vigorously carry out the remediation of heavy pollution industries such as paper making, leather making, monosodium glutamate, electroplating, bleaching, printing and dyeing, oil refining, fermentation, circuit board and pickling, and strictly carry out the pretreatment and separation of heavy metals and high-concentration refractory wastewater;

4. Centralized control of water pollution in industrial agglomeration area.To carry out the water environment management file information dispatch in the industrial agglomeration area, list the industrial agglomeration area whose environmental protection infrastructure does not meet the requirements and put forward the reform plan within a time limit, and implement centralized pollution control and unified treatment before the end of the year;

5, a comprehensive clean-up "messy" industrial enterprises, in baiyun district, guangzhou, shenzhen baoan, longgang, ping shan, longhua district, shantou tide, chaoyang district, sanshui, nanhai district, foshan city, huiyang, ZhongKai area and boluo county, huizhou, dongguan city changan town and seven stone horse river valley town, chaozhou maple river basin, jieyang puning and rongjiang river shelter-forest and other key areas and key river "messy" industrial enterprise to organize the implementation of city proper clean-up.