Under The New Situation, How Should PCB Circuit Board Enterprises Go On

- Jul 26, 2018-

On July 27, the 2015 China printed circuit industry development seminar, sponsored by China printed circuit industry association and exclusively named by shenghong technology, was held in shenzhen Ming.The meeting invited gao sumei, deputy director of the top industry and information technology department, and vice chairman of CPCA, including Yang zhaohui, dong xiaojun, Chen tao, and Dr. Jiang xugao, to give guidance to the PCB industry.
Analysis on China's electronic information manufacturing in the first half of 2015
Since the publication of China industry 2025 and the popularity of the concept of industry 4.0, China's electronic information manufacturing industry is gradually developing towards a strong entity, adjusting the structure and promoting the transformation.Aiming at the development characteristics and existing problems of the electronic industry in the first half of the year, vice director of the ministry of industry and information technology, gao sumei, delivered a keynote speech entitled "analysis of China's electronic information manufacturing in the first half of 2015".She believes that the development of the electronic information industry in the first half of the year has the characteristics of increasing positive factors and a good development trend.The domestic demand market develops at a high level and information consumption continues to strengthen.However, there are also problems such as the new normal of the electronic industry, increasing constraints, opportunities and challenges.However, combined with various factors, the electronic industry is expected to continue to maintain steady growth throughout the year, with a growth rate of about 10%.
Thoughts on the development of domestic PCB special equipment under the new normal
The transformation of global industrialization from mechanical revolution to industry 4.0 means that manufacturing industry is moving towards decentralization and information interconnection.In this regard, Yang chaoyang, vice chairman of CPCA, believes that the market share of China hui PCB special equipment is still low in the middle and high-end market.(2) overcapacity in some middle and low-end markets;(3) difficult recruitment and high labor cost;(4) low efficiency and high waste.Domestic PCB equipment can only follow the global industrial change and plan the path of PCB special equipment according to the characteristics of domestic PCB industry, and increase the pace of independent research and development.Only by sharing the new achievements of reform can we gradually change this situation and make the PCB dedicated equipment industry develop in a direction more in line with the characteristics of The Times.In addition, he also introduced how DNC actively responded to and independently innovated the r&d process in the wave of industry 4.0, which benefited participants a lot.
Expand China's PCB industry and update the global market
According to Dr. Jiang xugao, the source of PCB industry vitality and market explosion can be said to be China. Whether it is mobile phone, PC, wearable electronic products and automobile electronics, China is a market in great demand.However, from the development of electronic information manufacturing in the first half of the year, the PCB industry has been relatively slow to develop under the impact of overcapacity and a strong dollar.However, the Chinese PCB is slowly forming a red supply chain.As the investment of foreign enterprises slows down and the development of domestic large and small enterprises accelerates gradually, only by increasing r&d and innovation can domestic PCB dominate the development direction of China's PCB industry and revive the economic development of the whole industry in the second half of the year.
After ten years, China's electronics industry will never return
As a very core part of the PCB industry, copper-clad industry is facing a tendency of long-term loss-making operation downturn under the restriction of technological barriers, trade barriers and short boards of materials in the domestic market of large industries.As for the development of copper clad plate industry in recent years, the profit of copper clad plate industry has hardly increased in recent years, and the whole industry is still in a difficult operation.In this regard, dong xiaojun, vice chairman of CPCA, proposed that the development of manufacturing industry would be the next climax after the subversive reform of retailing, information communication industry and other fields.Although the copper coating industry is still facing a very difficult situation.However, after ten years of hard work, the electronic industry will form the competitive advantage of the whole industrial chain in vertical cooperation and horizontal integration of resources.Therefore, the copper coating industry should also increase the pace of research and development and technological innovation, and strive to play the role of blood transfusion and oxygen transmission in supporting the development and progress of China's PCB industry.
Innovative development and transformation and upgrading of enterprises
Faced with the new era pattern of China's industry 2025 and industry 4.0, many large and medium-sized PCB enterprises are eager to actively respond to the demands of the new era and develop in the big pattern.Chen tao, vice chairman of CPCA and chairman of shenghong technology, a listed company, put forward that enterprises can only go to the future through innovation and development.When it comes to innovation, he believes that enterprises should actively build green brands and promote fine management in order to gain a place in the tide of enterprise development while innovating concepts, researching and developing, and accelerating transformation and upgrading.
In the end, CPCA was appointed as the chairman of radium to present the current situation of PCB industry.He believes that China's PCB industry is in the stage of adjustment and reshuffle and development opportunities. In the process of manufacturing and informatization, the development of the PCB industry should be characterized by branding and intelligent development in pursuit of selling points and features.At the same time, relevant associations should also take an active lead in assisting the government to seek more development space for the PCB industry. At the same time, they should also actively appeal to enterprises' awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, carry out more business model learning and discussion, and actively build a platform for the formation of a good PCB industry chain.