Three Major Operational Difficulties Of Chinese LED Screen Enterprises In 2018

- Nov 03, 2018-

I. market product update and reduction


LED display terminal market as early as two years experience in the heavily updated after the spring tide of the whole LED display industry also gradually from the incremental era into an era, the stock market of new products demand amount of "upgrading" slow down obviously, far lower than in the past two years, "upgrade" speed, combined with the recent industry environment situation, don't give force has been high raw material prices and, in 2018 the development of LED display industry is also significantly inhibited.


Of course, under this general trend, when numerous LED display manufacturers are making high-end transformation in swarms, the industry starts a new round of high-quality and low-price products to adapt to the changes in the market and strive to win the consumption and market.


Second, industrial chain unrest intensified


In the last two years, the fluctuation of raw material prices is also aggravating the supply problem of our LED display industry supply chain. The supply chain of raw materials starts to become a core link that all enterprises have to pay attention to.Especially at a time when China is experiencing trade frictions and the global economy continues to fluctuate, the volatility of raw material prices will continue for some time.


Since this year, for example, the LED display PCB resistance, capacitance, drive IC, such as panel prices have been rising in channels, and with the recent government increasingly strengthen environmental and political work, the industry expects that the situation of rising prices of raw materials will be in after a long time repeated, these will directly affect the downstream LED display terminal market of enterprise business deployment.


Third, product differentiation breakthrough obstacles


From small spacing, transparent screen and intelligent products to this year's new technologies and new products have hardly formed a unified sound and tone. Whether it is COB, Mini LED, Micro LED or rental and engineering market, this year's differentiated products have no strong market pull.Are struggling to cope with the scale of the run or the lack of growth.


For example, currently LED display is the fastest and most radical intelligent transformation in the market, but in fact, it returns to the competition of display technology.This shows that the technological innovation and product differentiation of some LED display manufacturers have encountered the "ceiling" in recent years.Moreover, it has not found a way out and direction in the short term. In this context, how to break through the dilemma of market and industry deserves careful consideration by manufacturers.


When the market mode of enterprises cannot meet the demand of industrial development, the transformation is imminent.At present, the problem has been placed in front of all manufacturers, seems to challenge a lot, but the opportunity for development to change more!Only by taking every step of the way down to earth can enterprises better cope with these development obstacles, and further and further along the road of future development.