The Xinhua News Agency: U.S. Tech Community Pays Close Attention To China's '' Sky Chip''

- Aug 05, 2019-

  Chinese scientists have successfully developed a new brain-like computing chip for artificial general intelligence (AI), known as "sky chip".

  On August 1, nature, an internationally respected journal, published a paper by professor lu ping shi's team at tsinghua university's center for computational brain research."sky chip" is a new type of artificial intelligence chip that integrates two major research directions of artificial general intelligence, namely computer science and neuroscience, into a platform that can support both machine learning algorithms and existing brain-like computing algorithms.

  The researchers tested the chip's ability on an unmanned bicycle.Equipped with skymovement, the bicycle realizes real-time visual target detection, target tracking, automatic obstacle crossing and obstacle avoidance, adaptive attitude control, speech comprehension control, autonomous decision-making and other functions.

  The successful experiment on a driverless bicycle shows China's growing expertise in chips and the value of new chip design methods aimed at optimizing artificial intelligence algorithms, the Massachusetts institute of technology's technology review said.'Chinese researchers demonstrated their ability to develop specialized artificial intelligence chips,' the article said, reflecting 'significant progress in improving China's chip design capabilities.'

  Equipped with an artificial intelligence chip, it could be "the closest thing to autonomous thinking on a driverless bicycle," according to an article in the New York times.'the project USES new chips to achieve higher levels of artificial intelligence,' the article said. 'the hope is that such chips will help automate machines at levels not currently possible.'

  Eric topole, an expert at the Scripps research institute, said that the development of the robot and its experiments on unmanned bicycles demonstrated the hybrid design combining machine learning and brain-like algorithms, marking an important moment in the development of artificial intelligence.