The World's Largest Polysilicon Production Line Opened In Sichuan In June

- Sep 01, 2018-

This is our sorting equipment, which automatically sorts the quality of silicon wafers. More than 4000 pieces of silicon can be sorted every hour!On May 24, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of yongxiang shares, yongxiang shares 50 thousand tons of polycrystalline silicon and supporting new energy project, the reporters walked into the leshan of sichuan, which is known as China's "western silicon valley", and went deep into yongxiang shares.Duan yong, director of tongwei stock, chairman and general manager of yongxiang stock, made a guest appearance as a "commentator" to introduce yongxiang stock's efficient sheet, polysilicon chip products, technological innovation and green development concept in detail.

"Yongxiang stock aims to achieve a capacity of 70,000 tons of high purity polysilicon in three to five years.Construction of 50,000 tons of high purity polycrystalline silicon and supporting new energy projects will start before June 30.Chairman duan yong told reporters.

The only circular economy industrial chain that combines new energy and chemical industry in China

Yongxiang co., LTD. Is a company mainly engaged in the production of polycrystalline silicon, and also owns the resin and cement production line. It has realized two complete industrial chains of circular economy, from "salt halogen, caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride to calcium carbide slag cement" and "hydrogen chloride, silicon trichloride to polycrystalline silicon new energy".

Gan jufu, the managing director of yongxiang polycrystalline silicon and executive general manager of yongxiang polycrystalline silicon, introduced the status of yongxiang polycrystalline silicon's adherence to technological innovation and management improvement, as well as its leading position in technology industry and lowest cost industry.Du yijun, deputy chief engineer of yongxiang resin, introduced the yongxiang resin 150,000-ton/year ionic membrane caustic soda technical renovation project.So far, the project has been running steadily, breaking the rule that the industry will decline for three months, creating industry miracles, laying a solid foundation for the improvement of the stable production and high yield of yongxiang resin.

Du bingsheng, general manager of yongxiang cement, showed the factory photos of yongxiang cement flower cluster and reviewed the environmental management, quality breakthrough and profit improvement of yongxiang cement.Yongxiang cement makes use of calcium carbide slag and filter residue in polysilicon production as raw materials to achieve safe and environmental production, which has aroused great interest of journalists.Li bin, deputy general manager of yongxiang stock and general manager of yongxiang silicon materials, introduced "management promotion and green development".Yongxiang shares, taking safety management and risk control as the entry point, introduced the concept, tools and methods of international advanced safety management, and continued management improvement based on itself to build a harmonious and healthy environment, achieving fruitful results, li said.During the visit, the reporter found that yongxiang shares attached great importance to technological innovation and breakthroughs, for example, its core technologies such as "cold hydrogenation", "large distillation coupling", "light brine concentration" and "king kong wire cutting silicon sheet" are in the forefront of the industry.

Garden-style factories subvert the traditional impression of chemical enterprises

Along the way, green trees, flowers, fish and strolling birds, the garden scene upended journalists' traditional impression of chemical enterprises

"" the 'garden-style' factory has the characteristics of new era, modernization and is also a window of enterprise's environmental protection concept." "Duan's chairman said yongxiang has always attached great importance to environmental protection. In recent years, the company has invested more than 80 million yuan in environmental protection. The company has set up a full-time environmental protection agency, the department of safe environment, which sets up the safety and environmental protection personnel in the class, and is determined to make the environmental protection level catch up with and even surpass that of European and American countries.2017 is the year of "green environmental protection". The company takes the initiative to hold the "environmental protection Open Day" activity, which is under the supervision of all sectors of society and highly appraised by all parties.

Section of the chairman of the board of directors is introduced at the same time, permanent auspicious in the management, the mode of "tong wei" is introduced in constantly update and optimize the internal management system, embedded spiral standard management concept, management ascension, manage strictly in accordance with the requirements for environmental protection laws and regulations, the future will also continue to implement the coal gas generation environmental transformation, implementation of ultra clean emissions, build to reassure employees, social trust, government recognized world-class polysilicon production enterprises and world-class clean energy companies.

"" has been moved by chairman liu hanyuan's dedication and pursuit to the development of clean energy!" "Duan said that as an important part of the new energy industry chain of tongwei group, yongxiang will unswervingly adhere to green production and environmental protection production, start from the source, and truly make the mountain greener and water cleaner, and realize the beautiful development vision of "keeping blue sky and white clouds for future generations", said chairman liu hanyuan of tongwei group.

50,000 tons of high purity polysilicon and supporting new energy projects

Change the competition pattern of global polysilicon industry

Upon photovoltaic development prospects of new energy industry, section chairman said with confidence, released by the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration strategy of energy production and consumption revolution (2016-2030) proposed that by 2020, non-fossil energy accounted for the proportion of the total energy consumption of 15%, 2021-2030, non-fossil energy accounts for more than about 20%, to 2050, non-fossil energy accounted for more than 50%.At the same time, sustainable and clean solar power generation is an effective way to solve haze.This is also the core of our country's future sustainable development and the transformation of all economic development modes.

Yongxiang is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary, and the foundation of 50,000 tons of high purity polysilicon and supporting new energy projects is about to be laid.Duan's chairman said the company will make full use of yongxiang's technology accumulation and scientific research achievements after more than 10 years, sticking to high standards, high-quality construction and building quality projects.The purity of polycrystalline silicon is a key factor to measure product quality. In 2017, yongxiang further implemented the "filling and replenishing" project and upgraded the file. The annual capacity increased from 15,000 tons to 20,000 tons, and the purity of polycrystalline silicon reached 99.99999999%(10 9).

In the new project, the comprehensive energy consumption will be further reduced and the cost will be significantly reduced. Meanwhile, the product quality will be greatly improved to fully meet the demand of p-type single crystal and even n-type single crystal, so as to be comparable with the international optimal product."" the production of yongxiang high-purity polycrystalline silicon products will gradually change the situation of relying on imports and change the competitive pattern of the global polycrystalline silicon industry." "Duan dong.

In the interview, chairman of the board of directors are special Shared the 2017 hannover messe in Germany after the industrial 4.0 feeling, he said, for power development, future permanent cheung will adhere to technological innovation, will not only make polysilicon industrial technology research institute of sichuan province, with the Chinese academy of sciences and the institutions of higher learning in the technical research and technical breakthrough on the depth of cooperation.At the same time, the training method of German technical college will be used to strengthen the training of industrial technical workers, so as to establish an elite talent team matching industry 4.0 for yongxiang "building a world-class first-class polysilicon production enterprise".