The Trend Of PCB Industry Is Inevitably Influenced By The Big Fish Eating Small Fish In The Downstream Market

- Oct 17, 2018-

PCB is mainly used in the fields of communication, automotive electronics and consumer electronics, among which computer and communication are the main markets in the downstream, which is also the reason why multi-layer board still occupies a large market share.

As the basic industry of electronic industry, its development direction is determined by the development direction of downstream industry.

The most powerful voice of the downstream industry in the future is no doubt 5G, smartphone, automobile electronics.

The industry now predicts that the number of 5G base stations will double that of the 4G era.

In addition, there are about 10 times of small base stations, which are used to solve weak coverage and blind spots.

The amount of high-frequency PCB used for 5G base station antennas will be several times that of 4G, and the increase of IDC and communication base stations will also bring huge demand for high-speed PCB.

In addition to the increase in the number of base stations, the value of a single base station PCB board will also increase significantly.

As the communication frequency band of 5G increases, the number of rf front-end components will also increase the area of PCB boards and the number of layers.

Larger area, more layers, and the use of high frequency and high speed substrates make the value of base station antenna shift to PCB.

The PCB value of a single acer station can be twice that of the 4G era.

It is estimated that the number of newly-built communication base stations in 5G will reach 8-9 million, and the PCB value of a single base station is between 2-4 million, which will bring hundreds of billions of market to communication PCB.

So, with the advent of 5G wave, the local PCB industry will usher in a golden era in the next few years.