The Transformation Of Taiwan LED Factory Is The Key To The Application Of Niche Products.

- Jan 13, 2018-

Taiwan LED factory in the first 3 quarter have several see transformation results, under the blu-ray application specific gravity pull litre, this year the increase in the number of small and medium-sized LED factory swung, looking ahead to 2018, operating mainly still with local factory gap, expand niche products front;Infrared LED, sensing element and Mini LED for mobile phone are the main applications of transformation.

As the transition time stretched, gradually forming a new layout, the industry believes that the transformation of Taiwan LED factory will reflect how many there are many variables on the results, but at least have hemostatic, not bad, still have looking forward to the transformation of achievements in 2018.

For blu-ray related new applications, the Mini LED in the application of the mobile phone become the most specific, most applications, the OLED panel capacity next year, prices for small, Mini LED still have a chance to lower number, further guide the cost down, and the number of mobile phone consumption based on 6 inches, detonating capacity consume the most direct and the most useful.

Crystal electricity has the BBS in the LED industry, said the Mini LED, VCSEL is two big main battlefield 2018, mobile phone Mini LED design, predict to be finished by the end of next season 2 volume production, the production schedule as accident earlier than expected;VCSEL is building the mode of foundry wafer now account for only about 1% of revenue, but in the industry a 6 inch wafer roughly $3000, every piece of cutting 10000 estimates, yield about 75%, estimates that about 5% profit contribution to crystal electric, next year will help crystal stack better profit structure.

As for the small and medium-sized assembly house, hk company from the cabin lighting SMD module accounted for about 5% of this year, in addition to 737 U.S. aircraft model, next year will import 777 aircraft, start small delivery, along with the new model to join, 2018 cabin lighting module of the hk company revenue contribution proportion is expected to lift again.

Ding yuan is heavy and sensing element, the company invested 1.2 billion yuan (nt), the expansion of the new factory, a 6 inch sensor element is expected to begin in the second quarter of next year, the first phase of capacity planning for 30000 pieces, ding yuan current sensor related revenue has established by 40%, after the new plant put into production, the sensing element related revenue, long-term goal is expected to more than 50%.

Macro together at small spacing display, in addition to secure a place in the mainland area, the long-term development of Mini LED application has already started to ship in the cinema, and development of mobile phone use in collaboration with the mainland customers, Mini LED and relevant application of the IR LED will be doubled in 2018 to 10%, the proportion of growth from this year.