The Taiwanese Businessman PCB Was Shot Again And Xinxing Was Fined 650,000 Yuan

- Oct 20, 2018-

Xinxing electronics (3037) today (15) announced that its subsidiary xinxing tongtai science and technology kunshan factory has received the administrative punishment decision letter from kunshan environmental protection bureau. As the quantity of construction equipment is inconsistent with the environmental assessment quantity, the recycling rate of water is not up to the environmental assessment requirements, and the temporary temporary storage of hazardous waste is not standardized, the punishment is about 657 thousand yuan.

Across the exalted green flag, audit action is frequent, discharge and lock in severe cases a PCB factory, on August 1, a xin xing subsidiary dingxin also received kunshan city environmental protection bureau of decision for administrative penalty, after repeated communication with the environmental protection agency and argued book, reduction amount of the punishment, the loss of about RMB 380000.

The company expects to carry out the revision of the environmental impact assessment, the waste water recycling project to improve the water recovery rate, and the establishment of the standardization of hazardous waste storage in the workshop, so as to improve the environmental protection issues. Meanwhile, the company will continue to communicate with the environmental protection authorities and submit a defense to reduce the amount of punishment.

Companies argue that the continent has to audit has adapted to the environmental issues, its requirements to the factory, include the environmental license to comply with the emission standards, but unlike Taiwan's mainland authorities to perform very thoroughly, and even interactive inspection policy, by non-local environmental protection personnel (sent directly by the central or from other provinces other departments) to do the audit, completely eradicate operators with the local competent authority of the hook.

More pointed out that the latest environmental policy direction as heavy weight not, the factory not only consider the question emission is not good, even the uncertain environment, and climate factors are taken into account, they said, the point that is rubbish, today you even lost, governments are to blame for you, and strict requirements can't it again.