The Price Of The Panel Has Increased By 10%

- Sep 15, 2018-

In order to reflect the rising cost of panels, Chinese mainland brands began to increase the price of LCD TV sets, with an average increase of about 10%.However, even the terminal brand is forced to reflect the cost, whether to affect the LCD TV buying, affecting the supply and demand of the industry is the industry closely watching the dynamic. 

Peng shuanglang, chairman of youda previously believed that the situation of the panel boom to the first half of next year is good, mainly the growth rate of the panel area demand next year, more than the growth rate of supply, youda can not feel the off-season effect, customer orders and orders are still very urgent.In particular, youda's panels are high grade products such as 4K high resolution, large size and curved surface. Therefore, youda's production capacity will be more limited than other manufacturers. 

Although the price rise of the panel has been noisy, but the first quarter of next year, the panel supply and demand situation remains stable, youda and group chuangchuang TV panel plants, will be profitable. 

China's TV terminal market is bracing for the first round of collective price increases due to tight panel supplies and rising panel prices, according to mainland media.Zhong zhifeng, head of sales for the national physical channel of micro whale TV, an emerging TV brand manufacturer, said each company has raised prices by an average of 5 to 15 percent. 

Dong min, general manager of smart display and digital entertainment business group, also said that since October, some brands have started to increase prices, but a wide range of terminal prices, after the "double 11" promotion, brands have increased the prices of various models on a large scale, with an average increase of 10%. 

Because face plate takes up the cost of TV set to be up to 65% above, rise in price of face plate drive TV set price to rise along with.Yang dongwen, President of skyworth group, believes that the panel factory's long-term loss in previous years does not conform to the industrial rule. After the increase in price, the panel factory can get a breather, increase the investment in research and development and technology, and will have appropriate profits, which is good for the TV industry. 

Lin jie, a store manager at suning zhengjia in guangzhou, said the price increase of 32 - and 40-inch color televisions is more obvious than that of large-screen televisions. 

Dong explained that one of the reasons for the rise in TV prices is the price rebound during the double 11 promotion period, and another is the cost pressure caused by the rising price of panels.Dong expects the price hike for TV sets to continue until early next year.Liu tangzhi, vice President of skyworth, predicted the price rise would continue into the next quarter.