The PCB Industry In Mainland China Is Booming

- Oct 17, 2018-

It has been over 80 years since the birth of printed circuit board (PCB) in 1936. Divided by the growth of output value, the industry experienced four stages of development:

Rapid start period (1980-1990) : the global PCB market scale expanded rapidly with an annual growth rate of 12.7%, and PCB technology developed from single-layer to double-layer and multi-layer.

Continuous growth period (1991-2001) : new technologies, such as HDI and FPC, promote the continuous growth of global PCB market size.Over the past decade, global PCB output grew by more than 124 per cent.

Fluctuating growth period (2001-2010) : this stage is affected by the IT bubble and financial crisis, and the industry shows fluctuating growth.The IT bubble in 2000 led to PCB overcapacity, which led to negative growth in global output in 2001 and 2002.In 2008, the global financial crisis led to a decline in demand, resulting in negative growth in global output in 2009.

Stable growth period (from 2011 to now) : from 2011, the development of the electronic industry is relatively stable, new demands of downstream industries such as consumer electronics, automotive electronics and medical devices are constantly increasing, and the global PCB market presents a trend of steady growth. In the future, it is the development trend of the industry to seek new growth points.