The PCB Automation Industry Has Entered The Era Of Three-axis Robot

- Jun 30, 2018-

Nowaday ,mobile phones, cars into the intelligent and swelling of market capacity, led to the rapid development of PCB industry, upstream in PCB manufacturer into the factory automation, wisdom in the process of upgrading, flying dynamics such as the front end of the subsoil in PCB industry automation technologies and solutions provider, has played an important role.

Especially recently, the three-axis robot launched by powerfly has set off a new revolution in the PCB automation industry with obvious advantages.

PCB industry ushered in a new stage of development

It is observed that the PCB industry is now entering a new development stage, and many manufacturers in the industry have deeply felt the change from the past.

First of all, the demand for PCB products has increased significantly, making PCB manufacturers see many business opportunities and greater prospects.

At present, the rising popularity of smartphones, smart TV, car field of intelligent transportation applications gradually mature, 5 g technology to enter the market application and so on reasons to many industries demand for PCB product always present a huge "eating".

In addition, the differentiation of different industries also put forward different requirements for specific PCB products.

Second, the PCB industry itself is progressing.

In order to meet the new requirements, the PCB industry has also grown over the years, and PCB products are featured by multi-layer, ultra-thin, small size, high precision and so on.

PCB manufacturer seize 4.0 industrial development trend, through technology upgrading, actively introduce robot equipment, promote automation reconstruction, and to create a new generation of intelligent factory, implements the new goals to ensure efficiency, accuracy, environment protection, etc.

Thirdly, from the perspective of the current development trend of the PCB industry, the layout of PCB product manufacturing worldwide is being redefined. China has become an important town in the PCB industry, accounting for half of the world's output.

In front of such a development opportunity, if the Chinese PCB manufacturer to seize the opportunity, using the technology revolution, through the robot kit, have the ability, it is possible to global peers corner overtaking, become a new leading industrial development of 4.0.

Multi-axis robots are more suitable for the current PCB industry

As mentioned above, there are many opportunities in the PCB industry and many technologies and equipment that can be used.

But right now, there's a core device in the industry, and there's a different debate going on, and people are still struggling and hesitating.

So does the robot use six, four, three axes?

Specific this problem, want to be analysed according to different manufacturer, different demand, cannot cut a knife and knife.

Some experts point out that comprehensive consideration is needed before making a choice.

In most people's opinion, especially when customers come to visit the factory and need to "demonstrate" the strength of the company, they think that the more advanced the axis, the more powerful the robot equipment.

This was the case in the early days of robotic devices.

But this understanding is one-sided.

In the past, the six axis, four axis equipment generally provided by foreign manufacturers, foreign manufacturers in order to guarantee enough profits, through technology blockade, robot of the high cost of equipment purchase, maintenance fees are expensive.

In addition, the operation of multi-axis robot is complex, and the technical requirements for factory operators are high.

Six-axis and four-axis are suitable for PCB manufacturers with relatively stable orders, but they are not flexible enough to meet the production needs of diversified products of current manufacturers.

In general, technology and products are newer and more advanced.

From the early six-axis to four-axis to three-axis, three-axis robots have obvious advantages.

As a domestic professional technologies and solutions provider, dynamic flying ace, with the domestic first robot company reached a strategic cooperation, launched three axis robot has changed the insufficiency, can meet the needs of the present our country most mainstream PCB manufacturer "pain points".

On the one hand, the localization has been realized, and the cost has been significantly reduced.

Dynamic float in the sky over the years, on the other hand, based on the practical application of PCB enterprise, has carried on the corresponding development and upgrade technology, realized the powerful, flexible control, meet the needs of the flexible manufacturers, and with mengniu, skyworth, TCL and other domestic first-class enterprise application, after got approval and favorable comment of customer.

It is reported that from the current application situation, the three-axis robot of power flying company has received more and more orders, and the three-axis robot has ushered in the fast track of development.

The personage inside course of study evaluates, power flying is PCB factory automation to transform the right assistant, the technology of power flying and program are the rational choice that builds wisdom workshop.

5 g, intelligent driving, the rapid development of the intelligent terminal and other industries, for PCB industry and manufacturers, is an excellent opportunity to achieve greater development, is also a great challenge of how to implement automatic upgrade success.

On the one hand, the PCB industry and manufacturers should fully recognize the urgency of intelligent upgrading and put automation and smart factories on the important agenda of enterprise development.

On the other hand, we should learn to calculate accounts according to the actual situation, and rationally use the appropriate triaxial robot technical equipment according to the actual situation of the enterprise itself.