The Panel Industry Is Booming Why Ming Substrate Is Still Vigorously Layoffs

- Nov 03, 2018-

Ming gay friends of group polaroid benq material factory will shut down south division of function membrane production line, the top on September 1, Ming base material to internal buda the austerity plan, don't want to transfer to employees will give severance pay, in the north of the plant employees 300 people, estimated that the number of effect for 250 people, although the panel sentiment, but upstream materials plant is reported to squeeze the largest action this year.

Base material of south branch factory reportedly by the lease will expire, and photoelectric to raise the rent, the landlord force both sides after communication no consensus, decided to close plants and lay off workers, south branch bureau actively understand found this parody, manufacturers are reported in 2, a large number of fire, the south branch administration says it will give priority to your employees' rights and interests, assist the referral of new work.

The market situation of the polarizing film industry was not good and the product price fell, but most of the upstream raw materials came from Japan. With the strong appreciation of the yen, it was difficult to operate.

The lease expires and only r&d remains

Ming substrates stressed that the tainan branch will close the functional film production line and only keep the r&d unit. As the total production capacity changes little, the customer's rights and interests will not be affected.The company has also set up a project team to communicate with more than 300 employees in the tainan factory. They will respect the employee's choice and help to transfer to other factories or accept compensation and work referral arrangement.

It is understood that the original factory is invested, photoelectric, force, photoelectric was Taiwan's first large deflection plate production factories, many years ago due to the expansion speed is too fast, the funding gap, the dissolution of south branch factory, lease the same polarizing film benq materials for production and order six years of lease, gaiden annual rent of 20 million yuan, now a minor increase 5 into rent, benq after considering decided to reduce the operating scale.

However, it has been reported that some senior engineers at benq had been looking elsewhere for a few months, and that in July, when the company briefly recruited employees to work at nanke, it was once thought that nanke factory could resume work.Benq said the decision was made to adjust its production line, mainly because of the rising yen and the falling price of the panels.

At present, the company's capital amount is 3.2 billion. In recent years, the company has been actively transforming, and has crossed the fields of medical equipment and contact lens, etc., but at present, up to 90% of its revenue is from polarizing film. According to the first-half financial report of Ming foundation, the company has lost 146 million yuan after tax and 0.45 yuan per share after tax.

Su zhengang, deputy director general of the nanke management bureau, said that after the bureau received the news, it had taken the initiative to know that benq materials also reported yesterday that the factory is to reduce the scale of operation, the main production line will be moved back to the zhong-li plant, nanke plant will be reduced by 5/6 manpower, leaving only the research and development department, not the overall closure of the factory.

'the follow-up will continue to be tracked,' said Mr. So, who has requested that benq materials handle the severance and dismissal in accordance with relevant laws.At present, there are about 800 employees missing in tainan science park enterprises, some of which are related to major industries. We will cooperate with the labor department's labor development department, yunjiannan branch office, to conduct recruitment activities as soon as possible.

Taiwan polarizing film factory operating performance in the first half is not ideal

The factory suffered losses in the first half as a result of price cuts by customers and the appreciation of the yen and Taiwan dollar.This year, the company is seeking a transformation, with the proportion of sales of niche products such as vehicle-mounted and industrial control increased to 50%, and the gross profit rate remains at double-digit levels.In the second half of the year there are earthquake insurance claims into the account, the second half of the opportunity to turn losses into profits.

The company's operating performance in the first half of the year was unsatisfactory, with qomei's revenue of about $4.978 billion, net loss after tax of $852 million and net loss of $1.65 per share.In the first half, the company's revenue was 6.302 billion yuan, with an after-tax loss of 145 million yuan and an after-tax loss of 0.45 yuan per share.The company's revenue in the first half was about 1.479 billion yuan, with a net loss of 210 million yuan after tax and a net loss of 0.65 yuan per share.

It lost 135 million yuan in the first quarter as the nanke plant was affected by the earthquake.The second-quarter loss was sharply reduced to 75.7 million yuan.Litt said the high prices of the general polarizations, coupled with the appreciation of both the yen and the new Taiwan dollar, made matters worse.This year, the company selected orders and selected goods with good profit, so the gross profit rate can remain above 14%.

Starting from the second half of last year, to reduce the impact of the falling price of polarizing film, the company actively developed products with high profit. For example, the weatherability of dye-series polarizing film is good, which helps popularize vehicle-related applications and gradually increases the proportion of the revenue of on-board, small and medium-sized application products.Including niche products such as on-board, industrial control, and sunglasses, the proportion of shipments in the first half of this year reached 50%, contributing greatly to the profit.In the second half of the year there are earthquake insurance claims into the account, the market estimated that the opportunity to turn losses into profits.

This year, our customers are more diversified. Last year, we cooperated with shenzhen-based shengbo optoelectronics co., ltd. to provide technical assistance and charge technical assistance fees. On the other hand, due to the shortage of capacity in only one production line of shengbo, we also provided capacity support.Through the cooperation with shengbo, lite has rapidly expanded the mainland market. Besides the large-size panel factories like Beijing Oriental, China star optoelectronics and China power panda, it also supplies many small and medium-sized module factories. The revenue of the mainland panel factory has reached 70%.