The New Lock Car Audio Power Amplifier Application

- Oct 17, 2018-

Toshiba electronic components and storage device introduces a new vehicle audio 4 channel power amplifier TCB503HQ with excellent anti-surge performance.

The shipment of new product samples will start immediately, and the mass production is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2019.The new product USES Toshiba's mature automotive sound IC development capability and USES the anti-surge analog fine manufacturing process to achieve higher reliability.

The IC also supports 6V operating voltage, which is suitable for vehicles with the popular idling flameout system in recent years. This function can effectively suppress the detonation caused by the fluctuation of power supply voltage.

Other features of the new power amplifier include built-in filters that increase resistance to external high-frequency noise, such as radio waves from mobile phones and rearview mirror adjustments, to prevent abnormal noise.Using clip detection signal of this chipset to control the volume and tone control circuit can effectively improve sound quality.