The Most China-dependent U.S. Semiconductor Companies Are Ranked

- Oct 17, 2018-

Global semiconductor industry sales rose 21.7% to $429.108 million annually in 2017, the highest increase in 14 years, IHS Markit said on March 28.Official data showed the U.S. semiconductor and related electronics components index rose 8.2% (2.1%) to 151.8 in February 2018 (2012 =100, seasonally adjusted), the highest annual increase since records began in 1972 and the highest since January 2015.

Samsung electronics (South Korea) replaced Intel (the United States) as the world's new leader in the semiconductor industry in 2017, with sales rising 53.6 percent annually to a record $62.31 billion, accounting for 14.5 percent of the global chip market, IHS Markit said.

Intel Corp, which lost its 25-year title as the world's largest chipmaker, saw its 2017 sales rise 11.7 per cent annually to $61.406bn, with global sales accounting for 14.3 per cent.Intel is celebrating its 50th anniversary in July 2018.

SK Hynix, another major chip manufacturer in South Korea, led the top 20 manufacturers in terms of revenue growth in 2017, with annual revenue increasing by 81.2% to $26.638 billion, and its market share was promoted from the 5th to the 3rd place.

Micron Technology, which is the top performer in the 30-stock Philadelphia semiconductor index, has seen its 2017 revenue increase so far this year (ending March 28, 2018), second only to SK Hynix among the top 20 players, with an annual gain of 79.7 percent to $22.843 billion.

In 2017, the world's fifth-10 largest semiconductor manufacturers were Broadcom Ltd., Qualcomm, Texas instruments, Toshiba, NXP and NVIDIA.Of the six, NVIDIA saw the highest revenue growth, up 42.3 percent to $8.578 billion in 2017, with its market share rising from 13th to 10th place.

Memory IC is the sector with the strongest growth, with growth of 60.8 percent in 2017, IHS Markit noted.Both DRAM and NAND recorded their highest growth records in 10 years, with sales up 76.7 percent and 46.6 percent, respectively.Craig Stice, senior director of memory and storage at IHS Markit, noted that while prices are likely to fall significantly, the NAND market is on track to record sales this year.

CBS News reported on March 23 that the following U.S. companies are most dependent on the Chinese market (as a percentage of revenue), according to UBS:

• Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (80%)

• qualcomm (63%)

• Qorvo, Inc. (60%)

• broadcom (52%)

• meguiar's (50%)

• Texas instruments (43%)

• A.O. Smith Corp. (33%)

• Microchip Technology Inc. (31%)

• Amphenol Corp. (29%)

• Expeditors International of Washington, Inc. (27%)

• Xilinx, Inc. (25%)

• Intel (23%)

• Western Digital Corp. (22%)

• Corning Inc. (21%)

• Agilent Technologies, Inc. (20%)

• Avery Dennison Corp. (19%)

• applied materials (18%)

• NVIDIA Corp. (18%)

• Analog Devices, Inc. (16%)

• mettler-toledo International Inc. (16%)