The Merger Wave Of Zhongjing Electronics And Dongshan Precision Helped The Whole Product Line Layout Of PCB

- Sep 15, 2018-

It is reported that PCB is the second largest industry after IC in key parts of electronic information industry.In recent years, the PCB industry has begun to shift to the Chinese mainland, and the total value of PCB products is now in the leading position in the world.However, at present, the domestic PCB industry is still in a state of competition with relatively dispersed concentration, and some small and medium-sized PCB enterprises will withdraw due to the shrinking profit margin.Therefore, the PCB industry needs to improve concentration through reshuffle.

While m&a is undoubtedly the best way, many leading PCB enterprises have long recognized that m&a is the trend of horizontal integration, and they chose this tactic tactically to strengthen.For example, dongshan precision, which recently announced the acquisition of FPC maker Multek, and zhongjing electronics, which bought yuansheng electronics for 330 million yuan, are all to enhance corporate competitiveness through the combination of strong forces.

Zhongjing electronic transformation failed to develop the PCB industry steadily

Zhongjing electronics is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of printed circuit boards and services.The products are all rigid printed circuit boards, which are widely used in consumer electronics, network communication, computer, automobile electronics and emerging high-tech fields represented by artificial intelligence, Internet of things, intelligent wear and uav.

It is understood that since its listing, the operating performance of zhongjing electronics has been tepid, and the net profit in 2017 has dropped by more than 70%, and the profitability is not as good as the initial listing.

From 2010 to 2017, the operating income of zhongjing electronics was 327 million yuan, 408 million yuan, 429 million yuan, 446 million yuan, 483 million yuan, 579 million yuan, 794 million yuan and 1.077 billion yuan, respectively.Net profit in the same period was 40 million yuan, 34 million yuan, 09 million yuan, 12 million yuan, 19 million yuan, 29 million yuan, 111 million yuan and 26 million yuan, respectively.It can be seen that since its listing, the operation of zhongjing electronics is in a depressed state.In order to get rid of the business predicament, zhongjing electronic also after several efforts, unfortunately, did not succeed.

Electronic acquisition yuansheng electronic layout PCB high-end market

On March 28, zhongjing electronics held its third interim shareholders' meeting in 2018, which deliberated and voted to approve the major asset purchase scheme of yuansheng electronics, which is the horizontal integration of zhongjing electronics in its main industry of printed circuit board (PCB), and the reorganization scheme was supported by the company's shareholders.

It is understood that yuansheng electronics is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of flexible printed circuit board (FPC) and its components (FPCA), whose products are widely used in the fields of laser reading head, automobile electronics, liquid crystal display module, touch screen, camera module, biometrics, and intelligent terminal (smartphone and tablet computer, etc.).