The Layout Of PCB Industry In Mainland China Changes The Major Share Of PCB Globally

- Oct 17, 2018-

Foreign PCB industry is gradually shifting to China, and China's PCB industry is gradually growing, accounting for a higher proportion of global output value.

The PCB market share of Europe, the United States and Japan kept declining. The output value of PCB in the mainland increased from 15.04 billion us dollars in 2008 to 28.09 billion us dollars in 2017, accounting for 50.82% of the global proportion and the average annual compound growth rate was 7.2%.

The ash column on the map, which is being squeezed, actually represents Taiwan's embattled PCB industry.

In 2017, the total output value of Taiwan's PCB reached 127.3 billion RMB, with a compound growth rate of 10.5%, among which the output value of hard board accounted for about 73%, the compound growth rate was 7.4%, and that of soft board accounted for about 26% and the compound growth rate was 32.4%.

The proportion of hard board decreased from 95% to 73%, and that of soft board increased from 5% to 26%.

As a result of the siege of domestic factories, Taiwan is withdrawing from the middle and low-end hardboard market, and high-end soft board is also facing the advance of the mainland enterprises.

The cost to revenue ratio of high-end manufacturers in Taiwan is generally 5-14 PCT higher than that of mainland factories such as shennan and jingwang (except taijun), and 13-21 PCT higher than that of low-end manufacturers.