The Latest IPC Report Shows That Global PCB Production Achieved Rapid Growth In 2017

- Nov 17, 2018-

The 2017 IPC global PCB production report, released in late October, showed the PCB industry's real growth rate was 13.9 percent in 2017 - the fastest year since the industry recovered in 2010.At the same time, the report details the development status of the industry, PCB output value divided by country, region and product category, as well as the industry trend review and historical data.

The share of China's PCB output in global PCB output continued to grow in 2017, more than half, according to data from the report survey.The global share of PCB production in Taiwan and Japan has fallen as offshore investments have affected it.The countries with the fastest growth in the share of global PCB output in 2017 were Vietnam and Thailand.The rapid growth of Thailand's PCB industry and the continued decline of U.S. PCB output have led Thailand to surpass the United States as the fifth largest producer of PCB.

Although the share of American PCB output value in the world is decreasing, the growth rate of American PCB output value after accounting for prices reached 5.9% in 2017, the domestic output value of America accounted for 3.9% of global PCB output value, and the share of American enterprises accounted for 6.5%.Despite the reshoring of manufacturing firms, most big American firms still base their production in other countries.

The global PCB production report is the IPC's annual report, which has been published continuously for 40 years. Developed by the PCB industry analyst team, it is the most reliable data source in the global PCB industry.