The IPC PCB Technology Trend Survey Project Is Open To PCB Manufacturers Until July 13

- Sep 22, 2018-

IPC's global research project for PCB manufacturers in the electronic industry has been launched. This confidentiality research project is part of the global data collection of the 2018 IPC PCB technology trend survey report. The survey deadline is July 13.

The objective of this research project is to measure the current technical capacity of the PCB industry and the potential of capacity development in the next five years.The research content covers board type, number of layers, thickness, line width and spacing, aspect ratio, I/O pitch, thermal performance, frequency, reliability, material and surface treatment and other technical capabilities.Participants are required to answer questions related to the products of the division, focusing on specific end-use areas such as automotive, communications, computer and commercial equipment, consumer electronics, defence and aerospace, industry, medical and instrumentation.

Earlier this month, a global research project for OEM companies was launched to collect data on their current technical requirements, product planning for emerging technology applications, and PCB specification forecasts for the next five years.PCB capabilities and OEM specifications require data aggregation to generate information on PCB technology, current and future status of technical requirements, and prospects for PCB technology development as of 2023.