The Industry Chain Of PCB Will Change Dramatically

- Aug 28, 2018-

On July 6th, MLCC's giant murata producer announced that it would raise prices.China's head of MLCC said Tuesday that the price of MLCC will drop by 10%, followed by a clarification by the company, refuting rumors of a price cut.Not only is the country at large, most agents and traders are also vehemently pushing back against the MLCC's price cut.

Due to the imbalance between supply and demand, prices of MLCC will continue to rise, and all rules will be broken when prices of MLCC become profiteering.In recent days, in addition to the rising prices of MLCC, I have heard that many major PCB factories have also started to increase prices collectively, by 20% to 30%.

Small and medium-sized PCB manufacturers will face collapse

From the point of view of the current time, the collective price increase of major PCB manufacturers is undoubtedly a bad influence on the industry. As a result of the price hike, small enterprises will face the risk of bankruptcy again.

On July 18, it was reported that the rising cost of environmental protection materials and copper raw materials led to the rise of domestic PCB factories, which led to the phenomenon of collective price rise.In the second half of the year, major PCB factories such as omv electronics, the group has begun to issue price increase notice.