The First Exhibition Of Micro LED Display Module With Ultra-small Spacing In Taiwan Institute Of Technology And Research

- Jun 30, 2018-

Micro LED chip on PCB

At the Taipei COMPUTEX 2018 show, TGST demonstrated the world's first Micro LED display module that directly transfers Micro LED chips to PCB substrate.This also means that the display module has great potential to reduce costs in the future and can be applied to video wall, indoor display age and other products by means of splicing.

Is different from the SONY launched in 2017 by Micro led display - CLEDIS, although use same PCB substrate as the back, but due to poor flatness of PCB substrate, micron grade of chip, there is no way to call directly on the PCB substrate, therefore still needs to be Micro led chips encapsulation type, and then transferred to the PCB.

The program presented by TGST this time is to overcome such difficulties.This also means that in the future Micro LED display modules, there will be more possibilities to reduce costs.

Taiwan institute of technology and research, together with a large factory in the first line of development, predicted that there will be a chance of mass production in 2019

While Taiwan industry research institute product is hand in hand to the accumulation of the show, xin xing with 錼 create a line of Chinese Taiwan area manufacturers such as cooperation development.

LED drive IC factory integrated technology, responsible for passive matrix drive solutions to drive and calibrate micron grade LED chips.

Xinxing electronics of PCB factory is responsible for manufacturing PCB substrate.

Semiconductor factory 錼 technology, will help Taiwan industry research institutes, design of Micro LED chip to realize the mass production.

Through Taiwan industry research institute and three factory cooperation, jointly developed the passive matrix drive "" super small spacing of Micro LED display module, LED grain size (including 50 m to 80 (including m between, spacing (pitch) of about 800 m (including the 

following, module size is 6 cm x 6 cm, resolution 80 x 80 pixel, free to splice size and applied to the TV wall (video wall), indoor display (indoor signage), and other applications.

But at present there are still part of the technical bottleneck to overcome, ultra Micro small spacing though have done color LED display module, but not "RGB color", the main reason is that red leds is limited by its own material properties, combined with the traditional PCB has a certain roughness, after the transfer of the color easy to be affected, this also highlights the Micro LED so it is difficult to transfer directly to the PCB substrate, evenness is not easy to control, at present the related technical obstacles are still struggling to overcome.

In the future, the Micro LED display module with ultra-small space will be implemented and commercialized by CMC, and the technology will be introduced into the display application market that CMC is best at.LEDinside speculates that by 2019 he will have a chance to see a Micro led display around you and me.

Same field plus - transparent display module scheme

As for the site of another Micro transparent LED display module, specifications and roughly the same ultra small spacing of Micro LED display module, the difference is transparent display module is adopted by the ultra-thin glass, technically able to achieve full color RGB;Also because of Micro LED pixels area proportion of smaller, transparency can reach more than 60%, combined with ultra-high brightness features, therefore more suitable for application in outdoor field, applications include showcase, interactive screen, vending machines, etc.

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