The Electronics Industry's Traditional Peak Season Was Dominated By Apple's PC Boom

- Aug 18, 2018-

The electronics industry is entering the traditional peak season. According to the supply chain information, apple concept-related high-order printed circuit board (PCB) arbitrary layer HDI, soft board and electronic upstream high-order materials are reported to rise this season. The market is optimistic, and the prices of fuqiao, zhending -KY, taijun, etc. will benefit from the rising prices simultaneously.

Global PCB proofing services express more nations learned that u.s.-china trade war, the United States scheduled on August 23, to $16 billion worth of taxes on imports from China, for an additional $200 billion is forecast to Chinese imports tax of 25%, although not directly contain PCB supply list, but the industry, in the consumer electronic product will launch another full tariff interference, European and American markets, there is no scale of advanced PCB production, customer rob material expectations ahead of fermentation, part of the new materials or supplies high order soft plate prices, is expected to jump high this season.

A number of major PCB manufacturers have set a new record in July one month ahead of the previous year or a new record over the same period of the previous year. Growth momentum is seen in addition to reflecting the injection of urgent orders from non-apple, and some manufacturers have reported higher prices or new applications starting this season.

Xinxing mentioned that due to the tight demand for high order board, the industry is expected to generally increase prices, reflecting the situation of short supply in the overall market peak season.

Zhending on the 11th, the new material prices are indeed better, this part of the non-price increase, but the new material is still better than the same period last year.

As far as JDB understands, the industry personnel also mentioned that the trade war drove customers to pull the goods to July in advance, mainly because the European and American markets have no effective production capacity, and the supply of high order plate is quite tight, non-apple applications also have the demand for materials in advance.

Jt has learned that in the upstream of the electronic grade of high grade materials, electronic glass fiber and CCL (copper foil base plate) manufacturers first released in the first half of the year because of environmental tax or production cost cushion, increased prices more than 5 percent.Taiwan-funded CCL factory taiyao is also leading the rally on the mainland.

Industry sources said that as demand for industrial-grade applications is good, and consumer electronics products such as the iPhone will be introduced in September, some of the price increases have been determined by existing suppliers of e-grade glass.