The Demand For PCB Of New Energy Vehicle Is Improved Significantly.

- Jan 27, 2018-

 At present, the electronic level of the traditional automobile is not high, the demand for PCB is small, and the PCB value is low.PCB in the electronic device costs accounted for about 2%, on average every car PCB dosage is 1 square metre about, $60, the dosage of the high-end models in 2-3 square meters, worth about $120 to $130.In a conventional car electronic components, PCB, most power system demand 32%, mainly including engine control units, starter, generator, the transmission control unit, fuel injection, power steering, etc.;The body electronic system is 25%, mainly including automobile lighting, HVAC, power door and seat, TPMS, etc.Safety control system, accounting for about 22%, mainly including ADAS, ABS, airbag, etc.Other car electronic systems including display and entertainment are included.


                                  the value distribution of PCB in each vehicle system



                                                          Different types of PCB demand


Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles have significantly improved their demand for PCB due to their unique power system, according to the global PCB rapid prototyping service.

The new energy vehicles are mainly divided into pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. The power system of pure electric vehicles consists of electric motors and power batteries. The driving system is simple.The hybrid car includes both the engine and the motor, which is driven mainly by the fuel engine during normal driving, and is driven by the motor when the power is sufficient.Pure electric vehicles in the power system USES electric drive, can completely replace the traditional automobile drive system, thus produce PCB instead of increment, the partly replace incremental stems mainly from the electronic control system (MCU, VCU, BMS).For hybrid vehicles, a new electric drive system is introduced while retaining the driving system of the traditional car, which will also generate the superposition increment of the vehicle PCB.


The incremental value of PCB generated by the new energy vehicle includes two parts, namely the superposition increment of the hybrid car and the substitution increment of pure electric vehicle.

In terms of automobile electronic value, hybrid cars produced by superposition of incremental and pure electric vehicles instead of incremental size is basically the same, can be thought of as both the car plate delta is basically the same, so in a subsequent car plate incremental calculation on hybrids and all-electric cars no longer distinguish between.Both hybrid and pure electric, its source of specific PCB increment was mainly three power control system (BMS), VCU and MCU: VCU: is composed of control circuit and algorithm software, is the control center of the power system, is used to monitor vehicle status, implementation of vehicle dynamic control decisions.The control circuit in VCU needs PCB, and the amount is about 0.03 square meters.MCU: consists of control circuit and algorithm software, is an important unit of the new energy vehicle electronic control system, the role is based on a decision from the VCU command control motor running, make its output at VCU's instructions needed to alternating current.The amount of PCB in MCU is about 0.15 square meters.

BMS: BMS is the core component in the battery unit, based on the parameters such as voltage, current, temperature and SOC collection and calculation, and control of the battery charge and discharge process, implement for protection and comprehensive management of the battery.The BMS hardware is composed of the main control (BCU) and the control (BMU), which is installed inside the module to detect the single voltage, current and balance control.The main board position is more flexible, which is used for relay control, charge state value (SOC) estimation and electrical damage protection, etc.

BMS generally adopts a more stable multi-layer board with higher monomer value than other circuit boards.The function is to monitor the voltage, current and other indicators of the single battery, realize the equilibrium control, and prevent the occurrence of overpressure and other damage battery life and performance.Due to the complex structure of BMS, a large number of PCB is needed. The main control circuit is about 0.24 square meters, and the unit management unit is 2 to 3 square meters.

Due to the different control unit for PCB process requirement is different, the price of the product also has bigger difference, for example, the BMS unit price of main control circuit board can be as high as 20000 yuan/square meters, the value from the control panel is in 1500-2000 yuan/square meter or so, and, by contrast, VCU and PCB for the common plate used in the MCU, value-added is not high, the price is in 1000 yuan/square meters.At the same time, all kinds of BMS is also different, the number of monomer management unit consumption differences lead to different models of PCB, on average 3-5 square meters or so, the vehicle PCB dosage between 5-8 square meters, is worth about 2000 yuan, much higher than traditional limousine.


In recent years, the global new energy passenger vehicle market has developed rapidly. According to statistics, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles in the world was only 147,000 in 2013.From 2014 to 2016, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles in the world was 350,000, 550, 000 and 770,000, with a compound annual growth rate of 48.3%.

China as the world's biggest new energy automobile market, the market has expanded faster than the global average, from 2015 to 2016, the domestic new energy vehicles to achieve output of 379000 and 517000, respectively, considering policy objectives, system factors and car companies sales planning, conservative to domestic new energy automobile production 2017-2017, respectively, 700000, 1 million, 700000 and 1.5 million, and the corresponding market penetration will also be increased gradually to about 5%.

                                                     The new energy vehicle brings the bicycle board increment.


By 2020, new energy vehicles will generate at least 3 billion yuan of market growth for the domestic auto market.And according to the global energy agency (IEA), statistics, by 2020 the global new energy vehicles sales will reach 6 million units, in order to measure the new energy vehicles will bring global car plate market nearly 12 billion incremental market.

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