The Class Of 2018 Pallet Will Explode South Korea PCB Plant Full Sprint Equipment Investment

- Nov 17, 2018-

South Korean component makers such as Semco, Korea Circuit, Daeduck GDS, and ISU Petasys have started to prepare their own version of the Galaxy S9 for samsung electronics, with a total investment of about $177 million in equipment, according to media reports. 

The investment scale of these companies is the largest, about $100 million, followed by Korea Circuit ($0.45 million), Daeduck GDS ($0.18 million) and ISU Petasys ($0.15 million) respectively. The time schedule of mass production is set in early 2018. Therefore, these devices should be fully used in production line by the end of 2017. 

Along with the electronic device, the more powerful, for volume need to accommodate more components, mobile phone industry actively to do the internal space of the intelligent mobile phone applications, largest that battery capacity may extend as far as possible, and extend the standby time, so you must try to the motherboard volume smaller, with a higher performance parts, class loading board is one of the parts can achieve this purpose. 

Class board is a new technology of main board, which is developed by high-density connection board (HDI). Therefore, the original production line of high-density connection board can be used, and part of process equipment can be replaced to produce.Samsung electronics has done quite a bit of research and development, and will begin mass production in early 2018, after it completes test production in 2017. 

Samsung electronics co., South Korea's biggest manufacturer by volume, is well aware of new technology.After samsung adopted the plywood, it was the host board supplier in South Korea. Among the 12 suppliers, less than 5 can produce plywood.