The Circuit Board Of The Old Circuit Board Is A Treasure, And Its Recycling Is Worthy Of Attention

- Aug 06, 2018-

At present, the market used circuit boards are mainly household appliances, computers and other circuit boards.

Therefore, it can be divided into several categories for recycling. The electronic components with them need to be dismantled manually first, and then the circuit board recycling equipment should be used for dismantling and recycling.

Without electronic components can be directly crushed and recycled.

I think a lot of people don't know much about the disposal methods of used circuit boards, or just know a general idea. At present, the recycling and treatment of used circuit boards has become an industry, which has a profound significance for social development.

Recycling used circuit boards can reduce resource waste, environmental pollution and other problems.

Equipment and technology for recycling used PCB by physical method mainly include breaking and disconnecting of used PCB, separating metal and non-metal by dry and wet separation.

It was found that, when broken to 1.2mm, the old main board could be basically dissociated, and the crushing products contained about 6% copper, 18% other metals and 76% non-metals.

Copper is mainly distributed in < 0.5mm powder, while metal is mainly distributed in > 0.5mm grain size.

The high frequency air flow separator can separate non-metal and metal effectively, and its separation size range is wide, the lower separation limit is low, the operating cost is low, it is an ideal dry separation method.

The recycling of "e-waste" in China started late and developed rapidly.

In recent years, relevant departments have successively promulgated policies and regulations such as regulations on the recycling and treatment of waste electrical appliances and electronic products and measures on pollution control of electronic information products, which have promoted the gradual transformation of the electronic information industry into a green industry that is environment-friendly and resource-saving.

At present, in the "Yangtze river delta" and "pearl river delta" regions, there have been a lot of enterprises mainly engaged in dismantling "e-waste", forming a veritable circular economy.

This "e-waste" recycling model of "cheap renewable resources + cheap second-hand equipment + cheap labor = cheap products" highlights the efficient use of resources and the pursuit of large economic and social benefits with less resource consumption and environmental costs, which is worthy of attention.