Thanks To The Impact Of Global PCB Capacity Shift To China And The Booming Manufacturing Of Electronic Terminals Downstream.​

- Oct 20, 2018-

Capacity transfer has been preliminarily completed.In mainland China and other parts of Asia (with the exception of China and Japan) as well as the growing emerging market, North America and Europe once an industry leading, market share fell to 8.7% in 2016, the production capacity is gradually atrophic, mainly used in the special fields such as military aerospace, precision instruments and meters, mainly from Asia to other types of PCB purchasing.Japanese manufacturers attach great importance to maintaining core technology advantages, and transfer low-end PCB production capacity to other low-cost regions, while retaining high-end production capacity.As the main production area of single-layer PCB in mainland China, it is extending to middle and high-end market.China's PCB industry as a whole presents a rapid development trend.In 2017, China's PCB output value increased to 50.5% from 50.0% in 2016, thanks to the impact of global PCB capacity shift to China and the booming manufacturing of electronic terminals downstream.