Take Stock Of The Major PCB Material Enterprises Expansion Plan To Capture Market Dividends

- Aug 18, 2018-

Zhongtian technology: the first phase project of material copper foil put into trial production

At the end of July, jiangdong electronic material co., LTD., a subsidiary of zhongtian technology, held the launching ceremony of the 5,000 tons of electronic copper foil project annually.A few minutes into operation, the first batch of copper foil was successfully produced.After more than a year of construction, 24 equipment of the company's first copper foil production line were completed and assembled, starting a three-month trial production

The first phase of the company's copper foil project is to build two production lines with an annual output of 5,000 tons of copper foil, which can produce the internationally advanced 6 micron high-performance ultra-thin electronic copper foil, mainly targeting high-end customers like panasonic and ATL.At present, the second production line is also in the intensive installation process.

While meeting the energy storage and lithium battery industry of zhongtian group, copper foil products will further expand the advantages of the group's new energy industrial chain and meet the domestic and international market demand.Cao deling, general manager of the company, said that since the copper foil project was launched in February 2017, zhongtian technology group has organized professional teams to promote the project construction efficiently, and simultaneously implemented equipment installation while scientific construction, realizing the early completion and early production.The group has purchased the most advanced equipment from South Korea and Japan and independently designed and assembled a complete intelligent production line. On average, only one person is needed for each 10 machines. All the equipment is controlled by the central control room.

After the first phase of 10,000 tons of electronic copper foil project is completed, annual sales are expected to reach 800 million yuan.Built in a period, on the basis of zhongtian technology will also start the second phase of construction, the second phase of design production capacity of 30000 tons, is expected to begin at the end of 2019, completed annual output of 40000 tons of copper foil production, research and development base, to further satisfy the domestic and foreign markets for lithium battery with high temperature copper foil and jan jakob maria DE groot copper foil and the demand of the ultra-thin copper foil, accelerate the process of electronic localization of base material.

New material: advanced lithium - electric copper foil into production countdown

On July 27, the (national) economic and technological development zone is located in xining in qinghai noble new material co., LTD., with annual capacity of 40000 tons of power battery electrolytic copper foil the site of the project, from the workshop outside to production workshop, the workers are busy figure back and forth, whether supporting infrastructure, or equipment installation, commissioning, 80% of the device in the workshop has "reserved seats", were as hot as the summer.

Chaohua technology: the high precision electronic copper foil project (phase ii) with annual output of 8000 tons has been constructed

In its newly disclosed investor relations activity record, chaohua technology said that the company's planned 8,000 ton/year high-precision electronic copper foil project (phase ii) project has started civil construction and is expected to start installation and commissioning in December 2018.When the project goes into production, it will add at least 5,000 tons of high-precision electronic copper foil capacity.This part of the capacity is currently planned to mainly lithium electrical copper foil.The company will have more than 20,000 tons of copper foil capacity when the project goes into production.

Huazhen new material: high-end copper clad plate has been put into production;Aluminum plastic film enters the trial production and debugging stage

Huazhen new material revealed in panorama network investor relations interactive platform that the company's high-end copper clad plate has been put into production;Aluminum plastic film enters the trial production and debugging stage.

According to the announcement of the company on July 28, 2017, hangzhou huazheng energy materials co., LTD., a holding company, is set up in qingshan lake science and technology city, linan with a limited partnership invested by two natural persons, to invest in the construction of "a high-performance packaging material project for lithium battery cells with annual output of 5 million square meters".The project content includes the construction of aluminum plastic film production line of encapsulating material for lithium ion battery cells in flexible packaging.

TongGuan copper foil: annual output of 15000 tons of high precision special electronic copper foil expansion project (phase ii Ⅱ section) construction

On July 31, anhui TongGuan copper foil special electronics co., LTD., with annual capacity of 15000 tons of high precision copper foil expansion project (phase ii Ⅱ section) opening ceremony was held in the company premises.The project is expected to start production at the end of 2019. After the production is effective, anhui tongguan copper foil co., ltd. will have a production capacity of 25,000 tons of electronic copper foil, which can better meet the demand for high-precision copper foil, especially 6um lithium electrical foil, RTF and VLP copper foil.

The company produced and sold 10128 tons of copper foil in the first half of 2018, with an output value of 720 million yuan and a profit of 108 million yuan, realizing leapfrog development.