Taiwan Tech Companies Invited To Visit Yidu Private Enterprises

- Aug 28, 2018-

Recently, hubei yongxin jinggong technology co., LTD has welcomed three special guests - Lin yiqilai, chairman of Taiwan tehao technology co., LTD.

Hubei yong xin seiko technology co., LTD., general manager of Wang Wanyong rate technology, research and development and sales team for the warm reception Lin Yi fast line, accompanied by intelligent workshop, visited the company introduces the company's market strategy, product technical and cost advantages, and combined with 4.0 advanced intelligent building industry manufacturing plants, service first-class PCB (electronic circuit board) customers in the field of development plan, communicate with Taiwanese friends.

After understanding the six core advantages and development plan of yongxin jinggong technology co., LTD., Lin yiqilai conducted a detailed market analysis for the company by combining the development path from low-end PCB to high-end PCB.He says being able to support companies with cutting-edge technology in the industry will help improve the industry's reputation.As a supporting service enterprise, we should pay more attention to upgrading professional technology and actively seize the market of high-end PCB tools, so as to achieve leading development.

Wang expressed his gratitude to Lin yiqilai for his visit and communication with the company and for his contribution to the company. He hoped that the two sides would have more technology, management, research and development as well as market exchanges and cooperation in the field of PCB in the future to achieve win-win results and common progress.

It is reported that Lin yikuai, a Taiwanese businessman, is a senior figure in the PCB industry and has a unique vision for the technology and development direction of the PCB industry.At present, the taiwan-funded PCB manufacturing industry is still ahead of the domestic enterprises in terms of technology, especially HDI and IC boards, as well as 5G high-frequency boards, which has a better market share.