Taiwan's Largest PCB Plant, World Advanced,suddenly Hit By A Blackout Blitz,the Mainland Factory Started To Scratch Again

- Sep 22, 2018-

According to Taiwan's electronic times today, the company said Monday that it was affected by the early morning power outage at the South Asia circuit board jinxing plant in taoyuan.

As the largest PCB manufacturer in Taiwan and the world's top five, the power outage will affect the company's production capacity.China is now the world's most important player in PCB, accounting for more than 50 percent of global PCB output.In 2018, the leading growth rate of domestic investment is maintained at an average of 20% to 25%, and the growth rate of output value is far higher than the industry average.

In addition, affected by environmental protection policies, PCB manufacturers in many regions across the country were forced to suspend production and shut down a large number of PCB industry related manufacturers due to the lack of emission indicators.In environmental tighter and raw material prices, under the double pressure of PCB industry chain gradually withdraw from the market of small and medium-sized manufacturers, leading enterprises such as shennan circuits, JingWang electronics, have good technology companies holding environmental protection index and scale advantage, capital airport capacity expansion to grab market share, PCB industry concentration will improve further.

Shennan electric circuit: the company has been engaged in the PCB field for more than 30 years, ranking first among domestic enterprises in the market share of PCB, and has significant advantages in high-density, high-multi-layer PCB products, which can realize products of up to 100 layers, thick diameter ratio 30:1, etc., far higher than the average technical capacity of the industry.

Shenghong technology co., LTD. Is active in the PCB market and has a number of customers of high quality cars and accessories, such as watma, byd, desai xiwei and dongyang electric equipment.In addition, the company raised funds last year for the production line of new energy vehicles and PCB products of the Internet of things, which will reach full production by the end of this year, with the expected new annual sales of more than 1.5 billion.

Yidong electronics: the company is one of the top 10 PCB enterprises, mainly products printed circuit boards applied in automotive electronics, communications business, industrial products, consumer electronics and computer products.