Taiwan Large PCB Plant Q3 Performance Excellent, 5G As The Largest Catalyst

- Nov 09, 2018-

According to the data, the third-quarter revenue of large PCB factories was excellent: huatong's net profit per quarter after tax reached 985 million yuan (nt $, the same below), jianding, taiding and xinxing all hit a record high in the third quarter. Taiding's revenue in October reached 1.238 billion yuan, a record high of 29.84% per month and 21.37% per year.PCB has become the third largest electronic component after integrated circuit and panel. Against the background that 5G mobile network has been taken as a strategic development target in the world, PCB supply chain is expected to see great development.
According to the analysis, with 5G opening a cross-era feast, recently the construction process of 5G at home and abroad has been significantly accelerated, and the 5G era will drive the rapid growth of PCB market from three aspects: base station, intelligent terminal and data center.According to prison mark, the global PCB output value was $58.8 billion in 2017, up 8.60 percent year-on-year, while China's PCB output value was $29.7 billion, up 9.70 percent year-on-year.With the help of 5G, PCB sales in China are expected to achieve rapid growth in 2019, and companies related to the industrial chain hope to benefit.
As for related companies, sectors such as xuanguba.cn PCB board show:
Bomin electronics specializes in the development, production and sales of high-precision printed circuit boards, which are widely used in the fields of consumer electronics, communication equipment, automotive electronics, industrial control equipment, medical electronics, intelligent security and clean energy.
Jingwang electronic PCB domestic leading, a few domestic fully covered double-sided and multi-layer rigid circuit board, flexible circuit board and metal base circuit board manufacturers;Customers include consumer electronics manufacturers such as Oppo and Vivo, auto electronics manufacturers such as hyra, and energy industrial control manufacturers such as Emerson and honeywell.
Austin kang main high - density printed circuit boards.The company has established long-term stable cooperative relations with foxconn, xiaoming and other companies, and there are sufficient orders from the latter.The company said on the interactive platform that it is actively developing PCB products for 5G and 6G wireless communication base stations.