Taijun: The FPC Of Mobile Phones And Tablets Represents Businesses

- Aug 17, 2018-

In 2016, taijun ranked second in the annual revenue of Taiwan's listed soft board manufacturers, accounting for 15.11% and 3.61% of the revenue of listed PCB manufacturers.Taijun was established in December 1997 and listed in Taiwan stock market in June 2002. Its main products are FPC and FPCA.In 2016, both the growth rate and the yield rate were the first in Taiwan.Taijun technology soft circuit board accounts for 100% of the total revenue, and the revenue has increased at a high speed of CAGR 21.56% since 2005.

The existing factories are mainly in kaohsiung Taiwan and kunshan jiangsu province.The kaohsiung plant was built in 1999, and taijun started to layout the mainland factory in 2002. In 2004, taijun merged yaojun technology and kunshan technology (chunhua technology).In 2012, the second phase of kunshan factory was completed and put into operation. At present, the product capacity includes the r&d and manufacturing of new FPC electronic components.

The FPC is mainly used for mobile phones and tablets, and is supplemented by car and medical treatment.Around 2000, taijun passed the customer certification of Sharp, Dell, Japan IBM, JVC, Sony and Panasonic, and strategically positioned itself in the field of 3C application.Before 2015, the company focused on mainstream consumer electronics: mobile phones and tablets;Since 2015, taijun has increased the proportion of consumer electronic products other than mobile phones and tablets, and developed the market of vehicle and medical applications.Taijun is one of apple's premium suppliers, with the company's largest customer share rising from 15.75% to 56.95% in 2011-2017.

The products range from TP, LCM and LED light bar to antenna, CMOS, motherboard and wireless charging.In 2008, cell phone festival FPC was successfully developed, and in 2009, TP FPC and Light Bar FPC were developed.In 2014, focus on Light Bar, CMOS, antenna, motherboard and other products.In 2016, taijun developed the wearable device FPC.In 2017, SLP, high-frequency and high-speed FPC, vehicle-mounted system FPC, touch-controlled FPC and wearable device FPC were developed.

Development automation overcame rising labor costs, and the company's gross profit rate remained at an average of 24 percent in 2008-2017.Taijun introduced the production process of Roll To Roll at the beginning of its establishment, and made continuous breakthroughs in the production technology of Roll To Roll, the technology of carrying precision parts, the technology of module testing, and the technology of automatic inspection, and continuously increased the shipments of high-order soft board modules, in order To constantly reduce the labor cost and improve the precision and quality of products.