Superstar In The Circuit Board

- Aug 28, 2018-

At present, the development of global printed circuit board industry has been on a relatively stable stage of development, and seven major production centers have been formed, including Hong Kong,Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Germany and southeast Asia.Due to its advantages in industrial distribution, manufacturing cost and other aspects,China has become the most important printed circuit board production base in the world. However,The market share of individual enterprises in China is small and their leading ability to the market is not strong.

To promote transformation and upgrading of domestic PCB industry, and To lead the global market, at the same time To the construction of "shenzhen" has become "global PCB procurement center",By reed expo group, shenzhen circuit board industry association, the association of Taiwan PCB, electronic information industry branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade,CS Show will be on August 29, 2017 to August 31,Was held at shenzhen convention &exhibition centre.CS Show 2017 promoted the face-to-face communication between buyers from home and abroad and PCB manufacturers,Get the transformation of China's PCB industry from factory to market, from manufacturing to creating open telephones,This CS Show has invited aoshikang technology co., LTD.To Show its high-quality products and satisfying services.

Located in longtang village, changchun industrial park, ziyang district, yiyang district, yumizhi town, dongting lake district, the office of oshikang science and technology co.,LTD. Has a registered capital of 108,039,000 yuan (10,000 yuan) and 1000 employees.The products are widely used in The fields of data computing and storage, HDI, computer, automotive electronics.Communication and network, industrial control and energy, consumer and intelligent terminals, and the business is distributed in Asia,Mr. James Kang Bingcheng "connect you and me, the future" of the enterprise mission, after more than 10 years of steady development,Has had in August 2015 to successful completion of the shareholding system reform, has now become a have Mr James kang precision circuit (huizhou) co., LTD.,The kang science and technology (Hong Kong) co., LTD., Mr. Kang international co., LTD.Ltd. Three companies operating entities to the as the be - stock enterprises. It pursues "the good faith strives for realism, dedicated service, and only for satisfaction" of the enterprise purpose,To follow the customer requirements, continuous product innovation and service improvement, adhering to the "innovation" centralized management, the centre of the unique management concept,D. on their own advantages, attract global industry elite talent, continue to create industry leading performance,Has become the China and the world electronics industry.With a total investment of more than $1.4 billion and a total design and planning capacity of 4.5 million squareMeters per year, oscon has established a business pattern of "local orders, Asian manufacturing, global services", and an excellent team of manufacturing,Sales and management to provide high-quality products and endless services to customers around the world.