SUNTAK To Build A New Circuit Board Project With Annual Output Of 6.4 Million Square Meters In Zhuhai

- Aug 17, 2018-

On the evening of 23rd last month, Suntak disclosed its performance report. In the first half of 2018, the company's operating revenue reached 1.815 billion yuan, up 22.58% year-on-year.Net profit was 281 million yuan, up 38.62 percent year-on-year.Earnings per share were 0.34 yuan.The growth of the company's operating revenue is mainly due to the continued growth of the company's circuit board sales revenue.

On August 1, Suntak said in response to investors' questions on the interactive platform that it took 400 mu of land in zhuhai and planned to build a new circuit board project with annual output of 6.4 million square meters, which has been approved by the environmental impact assessment. The project is planned to be built in three phases, with the first phase planned to start construction in the third quarter of this year.