Strong New Materials To Buy Green Light 10% Equity UV-LED Products Promising

- Aug 17, 2018-

Founded in 2017, green photoreceptor is specialized in the research, development and sales of photocurable materials and photosensitive materials. Its products are mainly used in such industries as photo-curable ink, coating and adhesive. 

Powerful new material, according to the company combining with the established development strategies, through their own capital acquired 10% green light, is advantageous to the company to the downstream industry, better play to the synergistic effect of upstream and downstream, broaden the company development space, enhance the capacity of sustainable development of the company, to further consolidate the company in the curing light industry technology and market position.

Benefiting from the extension of the industrial chain, UVLED coating market position is further enhanced: green photoresist is specialized in the research, development and sales of photocurable materials and photosensitive materials, committed to the development of environmentally friendly high-tech new materials, products mainly supporting the photocurable ink, coatings, adhesives and other industries.Combined with the established development strategy, the acquisition of 10% equity of green light with its own capital will help the company extend to the downstream industry, give better play to the upstream and downstream synergies, expand the company's development space, enhance the company's ability of sustainable development, and further consolidate the company's technology and market position in the light curing industry.

High quality UV electronic chemical leader, strong long-term growth power: strong new material is a domestic leading company of high quality UV electronic chemicals, mainly products for photoresist specialty chemicals, mainly downstream for printed circuit board (PCB) and display (LCD/OLED), semiconductor fields.The company will usher in a period of capacity expansion, OLED materials and UV ink/coating layout is also expected to open up new growth space.

PCB leading advantage, benefit from downstream demand expansion: strong new material PCB photoresist specialty chemicals mainly used in the production of PCB dry film photoresist.The company is in the leading position in the field of PCB photoresist, and its main customers include global PCB dry film giants. In the future, the company will fully benefit from the recovery of global PCB industry growth and the eastward shift of production capacity.

The display material is thick and thin, the layout OLED opens the new blue ocean: the company's LCD photoresist specialty chemicals are used in the production of LCD color filters, and it is expected that in the future as the production capacity will continue to provide sufficient impetus for the company's profit growth.The company holds yu radium photoelectricity, layout OLED luminous materials business, business is expected to exceed expectations.

Seize the opportunity of The Times, and start a new journey in the field of semiconductor: the industrial chain of semiconductor photoresist and PCB/LCD photoresist have a high degree of overlap.Strong new materials in the field of semiconductor photoresist specialty chemicals, natural technology accumulation and customer advantages.In recent years, the company's semiconductor specialty chemicals business has maintained rapid growth in revenue, from quantitative change to qualitative change breakthrough is imminent.

UVLED coatings benefit from the environmental protection policy is becoming stricter, and the layout of the world is leading to a new era of development. As an environment-friendly coating with zero VOC emission, UVLED coatings are expected to usher in explosive growth driven by environmental protection policies.Strong new materials are fully prepared in the UVLED field, the patent layout is the world's leading, and is expected to fully benefit from the surge in UVLED paint demand, there is a lot of imagination for future revenue growth.Among them, the trend of UVLED ink to replace traditional gravure ink has become increasingly clear, adding 50 billion UVLED ink market space, opening the ceiling for the company's long-term development.