Steel-steel Semiconductor PTA City Cold Chain Logistics PCB Board

- Sep 22, 2018-

The Beijing summit of 2018 china-africa cooperation BBS will be held on September 3, solstice4. The theme of the summit is "win-win cooperation and building a closer community of Shared future between China and Africa".The President had visited Africa at the end of July to warm up the summit.The first China international import expo, another international grand gathering, has entered the war stage.

Institutional review: with the gradual de-capacity effect and the tight balance between supply and demand, the environmental protection production limit seems to exceed the expectation, further catalyzing the rise of the current round of steel prices.Sangang minguang is the largest steel producer in fujian province.The ex-factory price of screw steel and high wire of the company has been increased by 100 yuan/ton recently.As one of the four largest special steel enterprise groups in China, xining special steel is also the largest specialized production base of resource-based steel in the western region, with a total of 1.07 billion tons of iron ore, coal mine, vanadium mine, limestone mine and other resources.

Shareholders of Taiwan's united China electronics approved the plan to list its subsidiary on the mainland, according to semiconductor |.Lianhua electronics is Taiwan's first semiconductor company, ranking in the top three in global market share.The deal comes after lianhua electronics co. 's mainland unit and shipboard chip manufacturing (suzhou) co., which makes 8-inch wafer foundries, plan to apply to the China securities regulatory commission for an IPO and a listing on the Shanghai stock exchange.

Institutional review: mainland capital market can provide more funds for hejian technology, promote enterprises to effectively expand the capacity of the wafer plant, and facilitate the introduction of advanced 28nm and 14nm process technologies.Jiangfeng electronics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of lianhua electronics and an important supplier of shipboard technology;Northern huachuang's 14nm process equipment has entered the process verification, and the 28nm and above process equipment has entered the domestic mainstream integrated circuit production line mass production.

PTA | 20, the last trading limit of PTA futures, up 5%, continued to hit a new 4-1/2 year high.The PTA spot price accelerated to rise last week, and the PTA in east China reported 8300 yuan/ton, up 12%.The PTA period showed continuous strength mainly supported by the expectation of short supply: 1) the supply side increased production capacity from August to October, and there was no new production capacity impact; 2) the demand side, with the peak season coming, centralized procurement support, superimposed the new production capacity of polyester in the downstream and increased demand.

Comments on institutions: PTA price rose, spreads widened, profitability improved, and the leading role in the integration of polyester industrial chain, such as hengli shares and tongkun shares.

Shanghai municipal government and tencent signed a cooperation framework agreement in Shanghai Tuesday.Both sides will work together to promote the implementation of projects such as smart retail smart city government cloud and promote the integrated development of higher quality in the Yangtze river delta.Jointly create the artificial intelligence highland and promote the construction of the artificial intelligence innovative application demonstration area.In addition, 21 solstice 23, 2018 (the fourth) China smart city international expo will be held in shenzhen.The conference will invite the participating city governments to release the latest policies on the development and construction of smart cities, and will also organize the communication and negotiation between relevant urban government enterprise research and development institutions, and sign cooperation projects between cities and enterprises between cities and enterprises and research and development institutions.

The annual compound growth rate of smart cities is expected to exceed 30 percent in the next few years, and the market size will reach 18.7 trillion yuan in 2021, according to the forecast of iresearch.Yunsai zhilian provides intelligent city integrated solutions under Shanghai yidian group

PCB board | "" the 5th shenzhen international circuit board procurement fair 2018" "will be grandly held at shenzhen convention and exhibition center on August 28, 2018.As an annual event to fill in the blank of domestic professional PCB exhibition, the exhibition comprehensively grasps the development trend of the industry, focuses on providing one-stop PCB/FPC procurement services for electronic manufacturing enterprises, and providing cutting-edge industry information in various subsectors, such as PCB/FPC, so as to promote the PCB industry in China to make breakthroughs from manufacturing.

Organization review: in the long run, the three application scenarios of 5G will open up long-term growth space for PCB product demand.With the opening of this exhibition, industry related companies are expected to gain market attention.Can pay attention to shennan circuit, jingwang electronics and other leading PCB industry companies.In order to prove the effectiveness of the company's strategy, yi huayu has built a smart city operator with data as the core, and recently announced a consortium with other parties to pre-bid yanji data lake project.

Cold chain logistics | reported that consumers are demanding more and more freshness of ingredients as consumption upgrades.New retail stores are competing with each other, and fresh products have become the focus of many e-commerce layouts, driving the cold chain logistics into a rapid development period.From the second half of 2017, the cold chain business was in short supply.

Institutional review: according to the statistics of relevant agencies, China's cold chain logistics market is now growing at a compound annual rate of more than 20%, which is expected to reach about 470 billion yuan by the end of 2020.The potential demand for cold chain infrastructure and cold chain logistics is huge.Sifang technology is the leading domestic cold chain equipment and special container manufacturing enterprises;Big cooling share is the domestic air-conditioning equipment and one of the leading cold storage projects.