Smart Electronic Toothbrush PCB Assembly, Home Automatic Systems Wholesale Smart Home Switch

- Aug 30, 2018-

Material typeFR-1,FR-4, CEM-1, aluminum clad,
Material thickness ( mm)0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6,2.0
Layer count1 to 8 layers
Max. board size23.00" x 35.00"(580mm*900mm)
IPC classClass II, Class III , Class 1
Annular ring5 mil/side or Greater (Min. Design)
Finish platingSolder(HASL), lead free solder(HASL), ENIG (electroless nickel immersion gold), OSP, immersion silver, immersion tin, immersion nickel, hard gold, other
Copper weight0.5OZ-2OZ
Trace/space width 3 Mils or greater
Drill clearance0.1mm(laser drilling)
Plated slots0.036 or Greater
Smallest hole (finished)0.1mm or greater
Gold fingers1 to 4 Edge (30 to 50 Micron Gold)
SMD pitch0.080" - 0.020" - 0.010"
Solder mask TypeLPI glossy, LPI-Matte, SR1000
Solder mask ColorGreen, red, blue, black, white, yellow,
Legend colorWhite, yellow, black, red, blue
CNC route pointAny
Minimum route width0.031"
ScoringStraight lines, jump scoring, panel edge to edge, CNC*
Body goldHard*, immersion* (up to 50 micron gold)
Data file formatGerber 274x with embedded aperture
 Fab. drawing formatDXF, HPGL, DWG, PDF, Gerber
E.t testingFlying probe, single sided, 1up plate, clamp shell, net list
Counter sink/counter boreAvailable up to 0.250 diameter
Control impedanceYes
Blind vias/buried viasYes
Peelable maskYes