Smart Driving Opens Another Window For The PCB Printed Circuit Industry

- Nov 03, 2018-

China smart driving market size and forecast

The PCB demand for new energy vehicles is also potentially huge.Supported by industrial policies, the domestic new energy vehicle market has maintained rapid growth since 2014.The BMS in new energy vehicles is one of the core components, and as one of the basic components of BMS, the PCB board will also benefit from the development of new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicle

Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles are more electronic.New energy vehicles are represented by electric vehicles. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the main difference lies in four major parts: driving motor, speed control controller, power battery and on-board charger. The on-board battery is mainly used as the energy source and the motor is used as the power source to drive the vehicle.Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles have higher requirements on the degree of electronic technology. The cost ratio of electronic devices in traditional premium cars is about 25%, while in new energy cars it is 45% to 65%.

New energy vehicle BMS: new growth point of automobile PCBLithium battery is the core energy of new energy vehicles. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of batteries, the batteries must be monitored in real time through the battery management system (BMS), which is also known as the brain of the battery system of electric vehicles.PCB is the hardware foundation of BMS. The large bus has 12 to 24 boards, the small car has 8 to 12 boards, the main control circuit consumption is about 0.24 square meters, and the single management unit is 2 to 3 square meters.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System: Advanced driving assistant System) as the transition of fully automatic before driving a car, is a kind of using all kinds of sensors installed on the car, in the first place to collect the car inside and outside environment data, static and dynamic object recognition, detecting and tracking, such as technical processing, which can let the Driver in the fastest time to detect the possibility of danger, in order to attract attention and active safety technology, to improve the security of ADAS technology principle and the reaction mechanism is similar,The information around is obtained through the perception layer, which is processed by the decision-making link. Finally, the calculation results are sent to the executive device to complete the driving operation.

Principle of automobile millimeter wave radar

Millimeter wave radar emission will bring great demand to automobile high frequency PCB.Current car millimeter wave radar in high speed development, the next two years in phase volume of automobile millimeter wave radar, general support functions of ADAS car will use at least 4 millimeter wave radar, a new audi A4 using 5 millimeter wave radar, the Mercedes s-class cars use 7 millimeter wave radar, future cycling by the average number of millimeter wave radar is expected to continue to grow, the demand for automotive radar PCB will be rapid growth.

Millimeter-wave radar products are about to enter the release period, and high frequency PCB board is needed to realize the antenna's function -- to maintain the antenna's signal strength in a small integrated space.High frequency PCB board of 77Ghz radar with higher specification will bring huge demand of corresponding high frequency PCB board with wide application.