Samsung Has Dominated The Market For Small And Medium-sized Screens For Six Years, Accounting For Nearly 97 Percent Of OLED Screens

- Sep 15, 2018-

For the sixth year in a row, samsung dominated the market for small and medium-sized screens in 2016, according to data released Thursday by market research firm IHS Markit.According to IHS Markit, samsung has a 31 per cent share of the global market for 9 inches or less, up from 25.2 per cent in 2015.The data also showed that samsung had sales of 95.1 billion yuan in this market. 

Competitors have a far smaller share of the market than samsung, with JapanDisplay at 16.1 per cent and LGDisplay at 13.1 per cent.Sharp's market share was 7.9 per cent. 

Samsung also did well in the OLED display market last year, industry observers said.Since 2011, samsung has been the largest manufacturer of small and medium-sized OLED displays, with a market share of 96.7 percent in 2016. 

It is estimated that the size of the global small and medium-sized screen market in 2016 was 301.2 billion yuan, up 2.1 percent year-on-year.The market for small and medium-sized OLED displays has grown by an average of 23.5 percent annually since 2012. 

Early this year, IHS Markit forecast that the global OLED display market would continue to grow at an annual rate of 16.8 per cent until 2020, marking a promising outlook for the OLED display market.