Qualcomm Formally Entered The PC Market Three Major PC Brands Support

- Sep 01, 2018-

Qualcomm, the leading mobile chip maker, and Microsoft, the dominant PC operating system, have been working on a new Windows 10 operating system that can run on a Snapdragon processor since 2016 and have been publicly demonstrating their work.During the 2017 Taipei international computer show, the two sides announced further, related research and development work has been completed, the Snapdragon 835 processors, and can perform the function of all Windows 10 seal device of the operating system (2-1) in the fastest at the end of 2017 will have a chance to production, first introduced the related end products PC brand owners for asus, lenovo and hewlett-packard (HP). 

Don McGuire, vice President of global product marketing at qualcomm technologies, said that based on surveys of consumers conducted by both Microsoft and qualcomm, the largest consumer expectation for mobile computing devices is to stay online forever and have longer battery life.Especially the young generation Z users born after the millennium, online whenever and wherever, almost as a matter of course as breathing air.But until now, most laptops have been connected online, relying solely on wi-fi or other online technologies. It's hard to do the same thing with a mobile phone, which can be instantly connected whenever and wherever it wakes up from sleep mode. 

In light of this, qualcomm and Microsoft have decided to work together to port the Windows 10 operating system to the Snapdragon chip platform to provide consumers with a complete PC experience, and to enable laptops and two-in-one devices to stay online, as mobile phones do.Both sides for the first time since 2016, released after the initial cooperation, after more than half a year research and development and fine-tuning, qualcomm with Microsoft that products have been mature, so pick in the 2017 Taipei international computer show officially announced that carry Snapdragon Windows computer device has gained 10 live, lenovo and HP's three largest PC brand industry, is expected before the end of 2017, the fastest the three operators will launch related end products. 

In fact, Microsoft introduced the Windows RT operating system for ARM processor architecture years ago, but because the processor's instruction set is not compatible, Windows RT lacks many of the features that standard versions of the Windows operating system support, and many applications have compatibility issues.So Microsoft's partnership with qualcomm to develop Windows 10 that can be executed on Snapdragon was a lesson for the time.According to a joint presentation by both parties, Windows 10 executed on Snapdragon 835 can support not only all Office operating software, but also Windows applications developed by third parties as long as they are 32-bit versions.Most Windows applications today are 32-bit, or at least both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, with a few exceptions that support only 64-bit versions.In the future, Microsoft will continue to work on software compatibility so that Snapdragon can also execute 64-bit versions of applications. 

With the traditional seal device based on x86 processors, compared to laptops, Snapdragon 835 chipset based computing device action can stay on line anytime and anywhere, just like smart phones, and because the chip built-in modem can support Gigabit LTE, so under the condition of the network conditions permit, the connection speed will be even more faster than domestic fixed network.The LTE modem equipped by Snapdragon can reach up to 1Gbit/s, while the stable bandwidth can be maintained at 100-150mbit /s. 

In addition to the ability to stay online at all times, the mobile computing device using Snapdragon platform is superior to systems using x86 processors in terms of power consumption and circuit board area.In particular, the circuit board area is only about 5 to 6 percent of the x86 platform, which means that the device manufacturer can easily install more capacity batteries in the product, further improving the battery life of the system. 

Pete Bernard, head of telecom ecosystem services at Microsoft, added that the introduction of eSIM is also an important development worth mentioning in the cooperation between the two sides.With the eSIM, consumers can easily combine mobile computing devices with their phone Numbers and use the phone's pricing scheme to get online.If the telecom service provider is to be replaced, the new telecom service provider can also quickly adjust the data in the SIM card through remote programming capability supported by eSIM, so that consumers do not have to take the device to the physical store to change the SIM card or adjust the Settings, which is very convenient to use.