Photographic Electronic Chemicals Industry Leader

- Oct 17, 2018-

Shenzhen Rongda Photosensitive & Technology Co.Products are mainly used in PCB, flat panel display, integrated circuits, precision metal processing and other fields.

Strong downstream demand market prospects

In recent years, the global PCB industry has shown steady growth.The overall size of the global PCB industry is expected to reach $72.07 billion in 2016, according to Prismark.From 2011 to 2016, the annual average compound growth rate of China's PCB market will reach 8.46%, much higher than the global average compound growth rate of 5.38%. In 2016, China's PCB output value will reach 3307 billion usd, and the proportion of global PCB output value will rise to 45.93%.China's PCB market will become an engine for growth in the global PCB market.The future, with comprehensively deepen informatization construction in our country, the urbanization process continues to accelerate, marketization, residents' income growth, expanding domestic demand, consumption structure upgrade, computers, communications equipment, IC packaging, consumer electronics and other industrial development will gain new momentum, the development of new products and upgrade will make the PCB industry usher in a broader market space.In this drive, PCB ink industry will also show a sustained growth trend.

Competitive strength leading position is solid

At present, our products are mainly used in the fine processing of printed circuit board, integrated circuit, liquid crystal display and touch screen.In the future, the domestic demand for photosensitive electronic chemicals is expected to increase substantially with the growth of related terminal applications, and the market prospect is broad.As an industry leader, the company has the following five advantages:

First, technology: with strong resin molecular design ability, rich resin synthesis process experience, and continuous improvement of resin synthesis technology and continuous improvement of quality.In addition, should the big electronic photosensitive photosensitive chemical materials formula design and manufacturing process control technology, can according to clients' demand for personalized products continuously optimize product formulations, improve product batch stability, development of new photosensitive electronic chemical materials, keeping capacity big photosensitive products can and downstream industry development trend of synchronous development level, to ensure the capacity big photosensitive products have all kinds of different performance and excellent stability.

Second, products: after more than 10 years of development, the wide range of photographic products has become increasingly rich, with a complete series of products including PCB photosensitive line ink, PCB photosensitive resistance welding ink, etc., and is one of the enterprises in the industry with the most complete production of PCB photosensitive ink products.Large sensitivity complete and reasonable layout of the product line, further expand the growth space, reduce business risks.Large capacity PCB printing ink can effectively improve the accuracy of electronic circuit graphics and reduce the defective rate of PCB products. At the same time, it ADAPTS to the development trend of PCB technology towards high-density, high-precision and multi-layer, ensuring the dominant position of large capacity printing ink in the field of PCB printing ink.

Third, customer: by virtue of its advanced production process, relatively complete product series and leading product performance in the industry, rongda photoreceptor has a loyal customer base of several large and medium-sized PCB manufacturing enterprises, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations, and has been rated as an excellent supplier by many enterprises.The downstream high-end customers mainly include jianding (wuxi) electronics Co.,Ltd., foxconn Technology group, shennan electric Circuit Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Suntak Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd., shenghong Technology huizhou Co.,Ltd., etc.

Fourth, service: in the process of many years of production and operation, capacity big photosensitive has accumulated rich experience in industry application, through rapid formulation adjustment ability, high quality technical service ability, form the overall solution based on "product + services" advantage, work in simplifying the customer at the same time, to a large degree to ensure the quality of customer products, effectively shorten the cycle of supply and demand and related problem solving, enhances the customer stickiness.In terms of after-sales service, rongda photoreceptors provide technical support and after-sales service for the core customers, which is conducive to maintaining long-term and stable cooperation between rongda photoreceptors and customers.

Fifth, location: the headquarter of rongda photoreceptors is located in the pearl river delta region, and the subsidiary, suzhou rongda, is located in the Yangtze river delta region.The regional advantages of headquarters and subsidiaries are complementary. First of all, they can meet the needs of customers, effectively improve supply speed and reduce transportation cost, so as to expand sales scope and increase revenue sources.Secondly, the company can provide customers with rapid after-sales services, improve service efficiency and facilitate communication, which is conducive to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with big customers and ensuring the company's leading position in the industry and the market.In addition, the company plans to build a western sales center in accordance with the trend of the gradual transfer of manufacturing industry to the mainland, to get closer to western market customers and reduce logistics costs to meet the special needs of different regions.

The fund raising projects for this issue include an annual output of 10,000 tons of printed circuit board printing ink, an annual output of 1,000 tons of lithographic materials and related chemicals, a new research and development center, and supplementary working capital.After the project is put into operation, the products involved will help to improve the overall manufacturing level of the company and gradually break the pattern of foreign investment monopoly of high-end electronic photosensitive chemical materials, which is in line with the development direction of national industrial policy.