Peng Ding Holdings, The World's Largest PCB Manufacturer Landed On The A-share Small And Medium-sized Board Today

- Sep 22, 2018-

Peng ding holdings (002938), the world's largest PCB producer, was listed on the shenzhen stock exchange's sme board today, the second a-share listing by hon hai this year.According to the company's bulletin board released yesterday, the a-share IPO of pengding holdings has issued A total of 23,114.3082 new shares at A price of 16.07 yuan per share, with A total raised fund of 371,446.93 million yuan and A net raised fund of 360,122.84 million yuan after the issuance expense of 113,2409 yuan.

Successfully enter the long tail market to assist customers to establish a successful operation model

According to the information, peng ding holdings mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of various printed circuit boards.The company's products cover all aspects of PCB product design, r&d, manufacturing and after-sales, which can meet the customization requirements of customers and provide overall solutions, which are widely used in downstream industries such as mobile phone, network equipment, tablet computer, wearable device, laptop, server/storage and automotive electronics.

At present, the company's manufacturing base is located in shenzhen, qinhuangdao, huaian and yingkou, the service radius covers China mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States and Vietnam, and the customers are all over the world, and has become one of the most influential manufacturers in the industry.

With the industry leading technical strength, strong service channels, excellent process management and excellent product quality, peng ding holdings has successfully into the international leading brand customer system of qualified suppliers, the company is mainly large clients include apple, Microsoft, Google, Nokia, SONY, OPPO, vivo, hon hai group, and group to recognize, etc.

At the same time, the company also successfully entered the long tail customer market, forming a reasonable layout that complements and promotes each other online and offline, mainstream and long tail, and continuously surpasses in providing customers with all-round PCB products and services.Through long-term and unremitting efforts, the company has formed the service capacity of rapid design, development of sample making, rapid Ramp up and mass production for specific customers in a short Time, and assisted customers to shorten the Time of product listing and win Market opportunities, that is, to help customers establish a successful operation mode of "Time to Market+Time to Volume+Time to Money/Market share".

The company attaches great importance to innovation and investment, actively develops independent key technologies, and applies for a large number of patents to form an intellectual property protection system.By the date of signing this prospectus, the company has obtained a total of 582 domestic and foreign patents.

The printed circuit board products manufactured by the company can reach the minimum aperture of 0.025mm and the minimum line width of 0.025mm. At present, the mass production capacity of SLP, the next generation PCB products that represent the requirements of higher manufacturing processes, has been formed.

The company actively promotes the management concept of "peng ding qi green" in daily production and operation.In the reporting period, the company's environmental spending totaled 850 million yuan.In 2015 and 2016, the company was successively selected as "green brand enterprise" with environmental credit rating. In 2017 and 2018, the company was successively selected as the first batch and the second batch of national "green factory demonstration enterprise" by the ministry of industry and information technology.

The industry enters the standard development leading enterprise to obtain the new opportunity

Since the 21st century, as the global electronic information industry shifts from developed countries to emerging economies and countries, Asia, especially China, has gradually become the most important electronic information product production base in the world.Along with the migration of electronic information industry chain, PCB industry, as its basic industry, is also concentrated in mainland China, southeast Asia and other Asian regions.Since 2006, China has surpassed Japan to become the world's largest producer of PCB, ranking first in both output and output value of PCB, and the proportion of total output value of the global PCB industry has increased from 31.18% in 2008 to 50.53% in 2017.

As the most active and indispensable part of electronic information industry, PCB industry has been strongly supported by national industrial policy.The 13th five-year national strategic emerging industry development plan released in December 2016 proposes to "strengthen the core information technology industry, follow the development trend of networking, intelligence and integration, and improve the supply capacity of core basic hardware", and promote the development and industrialization of key technologies in the fields of "printing and electronics".The 2016 catalogue of key products and services of strategic emerging industries, released in February 2017, explicitly included "high-density interconnection printed circuit board, flexible multi-layer printed circuit board, special printed circuit board" as the electronic core industry in the guidance catalogue.

At present, a series of active policies to encourage the development of PCB industry in China will guide the PCB industry into the track of healthy development.

According to the latest financial reports of the past three years, pengding holdings achieved operating revenue of 17.093 billion yuan, 17.138 billion yuan, 23.921 billion yuan and 9.48 billion yuan respectively from 2015 to 2017 and January to June 2018, with year-on-year growth of 11.01%, 0.27%, 39.57% and 28.21% respectively.Net profit attributable to parent companies was 1.526 billion yuan, 1.004 billion yuan, 1.827 billion yuan and 430 million yuan, up 7.91%, -34.21%, 82.01% and 73.74%, respectively, year-on-year.

The company expects the operating revenue from January to September 2018 to be about 16.323 billion yuan to 17.363 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of about 21.52% to 29.26%.The return net profit was about 1.274 billion yuan to 1.398 billion yuan, up about 50.90 percent to 65.65 percent year-on-year.The net profit after deducting Africa was about 1.186 billion yuan to 1.309 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of about 70.08% to 87.76%.

According to the global PCB enterprise ranking based on revenue calculated by prismarklatest report in February 2018, pengding holdings has become the world's largest PCB manufacturer.

The project is in line with the development direction of intelligent manufacturing industry

According to prison mark, the output value of the global PCB industry will keep growing in the next few years, and the output value of the global PCB industry will reach $688.1 billion by 2022.With the growth of emerging demand for automotive electronics, wearable devices, industrial control and medical devices in the lower reaches of PCB industry, the advanced development of PCB industry is being promoted, and PCB products will develop towards higher system integration and higher performance.

The company's investment will be used for the qingding precision electronics (huaian) co., ltd. flexible multi-layer printed circuit board expansion project and hongqisheng precision electronics (qinhuangdao) co., LTD. Advanced HDI printed circuit board expansion project.Which celebrates the tripod precision project products are mainly for smartphones, tablets, wearable devices in the field of consumer electronics such as flexible multilayer printed circuit board (FPC) precision components, macro and win projects based on the technology and business company, a new higher-order HDI PCB intelligent manufacturing production line annual capacity of 334000 square meters (360 square feet).The investment of the project will help to strengthen the whole process control, optimize the manufacturing cost, improve the mutual cooperation and intelligent level of the production process, so as to improve the yield of the final product, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of 10/10 yimm manufacturing process mass production.

According to the company, this project construction, based on FPC production line expansion and high-order HDI production line expansion and intelligent manufacturing, is in line with the company's plan of continuously promoting the four modern manufacturing projects of "efficiency, rationalization, automation and dehumanization", implementing modularization and moving towards the direction of dehumanization of manufacturing process.